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Octavian’s rise to power incorporated many different elements ranging from militaristic coercion to diplomatic oppression. Being thrown into the political spotlight at such a young age, Octavian was forced to act quickly and independently and in doing so he acted with a purpose and an individualized agenda. In order to determine whether or not Octavian’s actions were ethically questionable one must first sift through his actions to see if they violate a moral law. Even if proven ethically questionable, one can justify these actions through two arguments. The first being his actions in light of Rome’s political landscape and the second being the long term effects that resulted from his ...view middle of the document...

With the act of proscription already being an ethically taboo strategy in itself, one can already deem this course of action as ethically questionable at the very least. When you take into consideration that Octavian used these proscriptions as the fuel to his military campaigns, you can see that he himself justified them as a means to further ascend himself while sacrificing the ethical justice some of the proscribed deserved.
In justifying Octavian’s rise to power one must take into account that the political outline of the Roman Republic was in shambles. Following the death of a self-appointed dictator and the selfish intentions of a Senate rendered nearly useless, one can infer that if it wasn’t Octavian to tip the scale someone else was primed to do so. An underlying theme that Octavian regularly played was that he acted out of vengeance for his murdered father in order to give the impression that it wasn’t his hand that was acting selfishly, but that it was his duty and obligation as a son. By doing this he is able to sway some otherwise unethical tactics in his favor. Through the deification of Julius Caesar, Octavian is further able to justify his actions on the public scale as he is now...

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