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Son Of God Compared With The Four Gospels

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1MacNaughton[Type text] [Type text] [Type text]MacNaughton 1St. Francis Xavier UniversityJesus Through the Eyes of HollywoodMatthew MacNaughton 201201158RELS 210Dr. Ronald CharlesNov. 11, 2014Matthew MacNaughtonDr. Ronald CharlesRELS 21011 November 2014Jesus Through the Eyes of HollywoodThe life of Jesus Christ was truly extraordinary. The stories we have from his time have shaped people and our modern society greatly even today. One thing Jesus is well known for is the miracles he performed in his endeavor to save mankind from sin. Although one thing that can tend to confuse people in regards to the stories that are written about Jesus is the fact that there are four different accounts of his life. The four accounts come from four of Jesus' apostles; Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Now the accounts from these four men share similarities, but there are also a few differences to be noted. The purpose of this paper is to compare and contrast the four gospels of the Bible as well as the film Son of God directed by Christopher Spencer. After comparing and contrasting I will discuss how when filmmakers create films based on biblical stories or Jesus Christ they take the "best" bits and pieces of the four gospels. I will explore the miracle of Jesus Walking on water, Jesus healing the paralytic, as well as the feeding of five thousand.The first miracle I want to talk about is when Jesus heals the paralytic. In the account by Matthew Jesus and his disciples had returned to his hometown of Nazareth, the group was just off the boat when some men carrying a paraplegic man approach him. In Marks account it is Capernaum that Jesus went to, such a crowed gathered that no one could enter or exit, some men dug a hole in the roof and lowered a paralyzed men down in front of Jesus. In the Gospel of Luke Jesus had been teaching some Pharisees and religion teachers in a house, the house was packed so tight that the men were forced to remove some tiles from the roof and lowered the paraplegic man down before Jesus. The version by John is the only account that has Jesus approaching the Paraplegic man, Jesus sees him sitting by the pool and noticed he had been there a while, he asks if he would like to get well and tells the man to get up, take his bedroll and start walking. Johns version also goes down a different route of being controversial in Johns account after Jesus heals the man he is questioned because he did so on the day of the Sabbath, Jesus defends himself by saying that his father works on the Sabbath and so shall he. This offended the Jews because Jesus had again put himself on the same level as God and they saw this as blasphemy. In the account from Matthew, Luke, and John the allegation of blasphemy comes from when Jesus is actually doing the healing. Originally Jesus tells the man that his sins have been forgiven, he is then accused of blasphemy because people said it was only God who can forgive sins. Jesus defends himself by telling the man to simply...

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