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Song Comparison Essay

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Song Comparison Essay
The first piece of music I wanted to analyze is from the Opera, “Rigoletto, Act Three”, written by the Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi. Verdi was born October 9, 1813 and died January 27, 1901. Verdi has pieces from when he was 26 and even though he lived to be 87, he stopped writing when he was 80. “Rigoletto” was written when Verdi was 38 in 1851, during what Verdi referred to as his “years in the galleys”. What I find most interesting about “Rigoletto” is that the Opera was almost never released. When Verdi was trying to release it, the censors of the time tried to not allow it to be released. (Great Performances, n.d.) Today, most people consider the work a ...view middle of the document...

Both pieces used an orchestra, but Williams uses an emphasis on the brass and percussion instruments. Verdi uses a quartet of singers and places the emphasis on them. The pieces differ in their forms also. “Rigoletto” uses strophic form and it utilizes thematic development, while “The Raiders March” mostly uses a binary form A-B-A. They both have a major tonality but Williams uses occasional harmonies. The meters for these pieces were different as well. “Rigoletto” has a triple meter while the quartet uses an allegro rhythm. “Raiders March” mostly uses a duple meter and has some syncopations. The pieces both have a Homophony texture. Obviously, they are from very different periods. “Rigoletto” is from the Romantic period and “Raiders March” is a modern piece. “Raiders March” does not have any text but “Rigoletto” is in Italian and outlines a dramatic conversation between four people. “Rigoletto” is programed music because it has text and is telling a story but “Raiders March” is absolute because it does not use text and because of this, its form is much more important. Both of the pieces share the fact that they are not sacred, making them...

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