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Song Of An Innocent Bystander Analytical Essay<Tab/> 'i Am A Bad Person' Is Freda's View Of Herself Justified?

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Song of an Innocent Bystander - Analytical essay'I am a bad person' is Freda's view of herself justified?'From the mouths of babes comes the truth.' From the time these words are spoken Freda is O'Grady's favourite hostage, and through this she sees a chance to secure her own safety by staying on his good side. When the siege is over however Freda finds herself represented as a bad person by what Theo wrote on some napkins. Without anyone to tell her she's not bad, she is dominated by Theo's view of her as recorded on the napkins. The napkins, which implicate Freda in Theo's death, create problems for Freda because, by keeping them secret she is made to feel she has something to hide. It is as a result of these factors that in Freda's view she is a bad person.'The bad man.' is how Freda refers to John O'Grady. Though in implicating O'Grady as a bad man Freda is also revealing her view of herself as a bad person. From the very beginning of the siege O'Grady took a liking to Freda, calling her 'honey', an obvious sign of affection. Seeking safety Freda found that by befriending O'Grady she could at least have some control of her fate. As she grew older Freda began to feel that being able to connect with O'Grady must have meant that she too was as bad as everyone said O'Grady was. O'Grady was the only person Freda could connect with and the only person who showed any sign of friendliness to her during the siege. At the very beginning of the siege O'Grady asks the other hostages to take care of Freda. They all refuse to do so and she is placed in Theo's care on O'Grady's orders. Freda, having witnessed this would have felt unwanted which would make her more vulnerable to O'Grady's overtures of friendship and her feelings of having been an accomplice in his 'badness''There is something potent about written words. They can be held, scrutinized, each reading taking them further into the soul of the reader, planting them deeper.' Freda's mum, in an effort to protect Freda from being 'slaughtered' by the media hid the napkins that Theo had written on and, in effect changed the impact the siege itself for Freda. To a nine-year-olds' mind, the only reason to hide such information was because it was either bad or implicated someone as bad. The napkins became a testimony to Freda's 'badness'. Freda had no counseling after the siege and her mother was busy with lawsuits, seeking compensation for...

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