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Not everyone knows there true identity yet, we go through a series of life tests and have to go searching for ourselves for who we really are and our purpose in life. In the book Song of the Solomon, by Toni Morrison she tells a story of a man by the name of Macon Dead III, also known as Milkman. This character has been sheltered his whole life by his mother and father, in results from being sheltered, he tends to take on ways of his father which are the following: being caught up in materialistic values, arrogance, and utilization of women. Milkman does not have a sense of direction nor does he know any other family members but his sister, mother, father, and Aunt Pilate whom his father forbids him to see. This character shows he has no identity because he has no morals and has a lack of ancestry which cause him to have a sense of rootlessness.
As the story further develops, Milkman starts to undergo a change leading him to find out his true identity. When Macon Jr. tells him about the story of why he treats his wife the way he does, Milkman starts to question the response that his father gave him, in his curiosity he talks to his mother and questions her one night about what he has heard. He finds out that he was born from an aphrodisiac that his Aunt made; this symbolizes that he was already a lost soul from the start Morrison states “ “ (page). Pilate, a character that the author uses as a symbol for guidance for Milkman to find himself we see is the only person that knows her true identity. Milkman also has another person in his life that tires to help him see himself and that person is known as Guitar. “This definitely is not Montgomery, Alabama. Tell me. What would you do if it was? If this was Montgomery? Buy a plan ticket. Exactly. Now you something about yourself. You didn’t know before: who you are and what you are.” (104) Guitar knows that Milkman has been sheltered his whole life and his wealth has corrupted his mind. Unaware of alienating effects of racism Guitar tries to get him view the world but does not succeed and two start fall apart from Milkman feeling like he is so distance from blacks, his belief of one leg is shorter than the other also proves he thinks he is different.
Furthermore, Milkman is told a story from his father about how when Pilate and him were little they were in a cave that contained goal , the gold was a white man’s that Macon killed in fear. Macon thinks that his sister has taken the gold and wants Milkman to steal the gold. Really the bag contained what we think are the white man’s dead bones. When he goes on to steal gold from the Pilates home with guitar he gets arrested because he was black, this was a turning point for Milkman and the first time he starts to recognize the alienating effects of racism “ “ (page). This makes Milkman mad, but it also open up his eyes that there is such a thing of racism, he also noticed Pilate change and act different when they are at the police...

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