Sonia Nazario’s Enrique’s Journey Essay

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Life is like a game of blackjack where we unknowingly are dealt good or bad cards. This unpredictability makes it difficult to gamble decisions. Unfortunately many factors can lead to the bad card where in both the game and life, people are trying to prevent us from achieving the goal. There are two choices to change the outcome however, we may either give up (fold) or we may take a chance (call). The beauty of taking the risk is that if lucky, life gives you that much-needed card. When dealt that winning card, a person is immediately uplifted. That one good hand drives a person to outweigh the pros from the cons and continue to strive for the winning pot or in this case, the goal in life. Enrique in Sonia Nazario’s “Enrique’s Journey,” is dealt both the good and bad cards in life, as he undergoes a battle of being pushed internally to continue while also being pulled externally to quit, thus leading him to unearth himself as a worthy human being while on the journey to the U.S; sadly however, his arrival in the U.S refutes what he clearly envisioned for himself.

The push-and-pull factors in Enrique’s yearn for the U.S not only allows him to rediscover himself as an individual in a world of uncertainty, it also eliminates his constant fear of failing as a promising human being; in addition exhibits the undying hope of a desperate man found in hopeful migrants. In Sonia Nazario’s “Enrique’s Journey,” his mother’s trip streamed “emptiness” into the heart of a once comfortable child and left him to “struggle” to hold memories they shared. Enrique’s life after Lourdes’ departure triggered the traumatizing demise of his identity. He threw this broken identity away while facing many obstacles, nevertheless each endeavor resulted in failure. However with a flickering spark of hope left, he continued to pick himself up. With confidence and new-found strength, it led past fears to be temporarily relinquished. Like many who are in a constant push and pull of emotions, he discovered the strength of his being in an unrelenting world. He wanted to feel he was worthy and able to contend with the unforgiving world with her love. A mother’s love provides sanctity in the soul of a child and encourages self growth, allowing a child to become independent and to feel content with their place in the world. A child who grows into a confident adult is capable of coping with obstacles in life. Without this important trait, a child is forced to face the world uncertain of what the future holds and lacking the attachment every child deserves.

Enrique’s journey from Honduras to the U.S. unveils the innate loyalty of a loving child to their mother and presents the dangers...

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