Sonja Henie: Ice Skater, Actress And Multitalented Lady

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Throughout many decades, there is a heroine that transformed the ice rink into a beautiful mystic art, turning the stadium into a castle, and the costumes into bright and splendid dresses on the field of ice. That is not all she can do; she created history with her killer moves and eye-catching choreography. Not only that, her performances are inspirations for many young girls all over the world. Even though she is not the first woman who has participated in major events such as Olympic, etc. but she is a talented woman who has brought the world together with her flawless skills. Therefore, that heroine named Sonja Henie has a huge relevance to our society, especially in the ice skating field.
Sonja Henie is starts off just like others ordinary girl, she grew up in wealthy family in Norway. She is a very talented tennis player, horseback rider, ballerina, and of course we cannot leave out that she is a talented figure skater. Growing up with a wonderful dream since she was young, she attempted at the first Olympic Winter Games held in 1924 in Chamonix, France. Henie performed a jump and a sit spin; it was a big deal at the time because women rarely compete in the Olympic or major events, so not all of them can pull out hard routines like she did. Unfairly, Henie had finish last-eight out of eight competitors, but she didn’t give up yet. After a few years, Sonja fulfilled her dream with hard work by becoming a successful woman and well-known throughout the world. She began “challenges by younger skaters including Cecilia Colledge, Megan Taylor, and Hedy Stenuf. However, she held off these competitors and went on to win her third Olympic title at the 1936 Winter Olympic” (Source A). She became well-known in the ice skating field not only in Europe, but also in North America.
Sonja is a strong headed girl; she refused to conform to the conservation style that considered acceptable for women. Instead, she comes up with her own style that is acceptable for women, and also added choreography between the elements of her skating to make her performance stand out. Not only comes up with the eye-catching choreography, she also introduces short skirt and brighter colors to figure skating costumes. Because Sonja was the youngest compared with other competitors that attempted in the Olympic Winter Games held in 1924, she was allowed to perform in a skirt that was above the knee. Also, because that “she was credited for being the first figure skater to adopt the short shirt in figure skating, wear white boots, and make use of dance choreography” (Source C). Most of the time, Sonja combines her short skirt with bright color leggings, instead of the traditional black and long skirt that women supposed to wear. It was a hot topic because at the time, women can only wear long skirts which are very difficult to skate in and also hard for the judges to see the techniques while they are performing. There are no rules against women attending to skate in the big...

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