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Examine the settings that the writers have chosen for their stories in “The Signalman” and “The Red Room”. consider the effects that each writer has created and how they contribute to the atmosphere.During the course of this essay, I will be discussing the setting chosen by the authors Charles Dickens and H.G. Wells for the stories “The Signalman” and “The Red Room”, and the effect they have created.‘The Signalman’ is a good example of how Victorian railways differ from the ones today. Victorian railways were extremely dangerous, and a signalman’s job was exceptionally strenuous and demanding. The story is based around a hard-working signalman, who claims to have seen a spectre, allegedly warning him about future events.During the course of the story, the readers were kept in suspense as to what was happening. To begin with, we can sense the tension when the traveller calls out to the signalman “Halloa, below there!”, this direct speech engages the reader. However, the tension is increased when the signalman asks the traveller to not call out the next time he visits. This causes the reader to wonder why the signalman found it so nerve-racking to have someone acknowledge him in such a manner.The signalman is very reserved and quite, which gives him a eerie aura. But during the second visit, he suddenly reveals information about a spectre he claims to have seen. Here, further tension is created, as he talks about the alleged spectre and the mysterious tragedies that have occurred in the railways. The signalman reveals that the spectre also cried; “Halloa! Below there!” just as the traveller did. This causes the reader to wonder how the narrator contributes to the story, and if he himself is the spectre.The signalman describes the spectre calling to him and giving him a warning. Yet again tension is created, because the signalman explains how every time he has seen the spectre, a tragedy has occurred. Suspense is created during this part, because the signalman speaks in short sentences.“He pointed to the red light he had looked at.”The word “pointed” suggests to the reader that he is unwilling to talk and hence implies that the signalman is quite scared.The narrator refers to the signalman as a kind of ‘spirit’. He makes this comment by observing that the signalman acts rather ‘weirdly’. He reflects how he does his job like a robot and claims he has seen a ghost.“this was a spirit, not a man. I have speculated since, whether there may have been infection in his mind.”The word “infection” implies that the signalman is not mentally well, and may be a little mad. This creates suspense for the reader because it makes them wonder if the signalman really is a spirit or a real human being, and also whether or not the signalman is mad or sane.Another aspect of the story which creates suspense is the traveller; his identity...

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