Sonnets By The Great William Shakespeare

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Mrs. FacchineriENG 3U1June 2, 2004Poetry as a Vehicle for Love Love is a common theme throughout many plays and poems written by William Shakespeare, and is seen in many Sonnets written by William Shakespeare as well. These Sonnets were the true forms of poetry that William wrote for many of his "close friends". Many of Shakespeare's plays were written with the intent to entertain a general audience. But the Sonnets were mostly written for particular people and were very special works of art. In the Sonnets by the great William Shakespeare, love is evident in Sonnet 1, Sonnet 18 and Sonnet 116. In the poetry by William Shakespeare, Sonnet 1 displays the theme of love through the explanation of how Shakespeare gained his knowledge of love. This particular sonnet was written to a woman who was indulged in her own self image and was being selfish from the rest of the world. "Making a famine where abundance lies"(Line 7). Shakespeare gives this person warning that her actions will lead to her downfall and advises her that by being so self-centred, she is being cruel to herself. This sonnet utilizes Shakespeare's typical style of writing which is iambic pentameter. This style of writing uses patterns of rhyming which puts emphasis on different parts of the line, giving it a certain feel. This rhyming is essential in order to write a proper sonnet and keep in the correct form. This rhyming pattern became quite repetitive when2used throughout the whole sonnet so there are also different ways to rhyme in a sonnet to make it more interesting. This Sonnet of course talks of love and Shakespeare also uses the method of imagery comparison to emphasise this particular woman of his desire. Shakespeare says that this beautiful woman it the world's fresh ornament. (Line 9) This meaning that she is such a great beauty of the world so fresh and new. Sonnet 18 is directed towards a friend more so than a lover and displays imagery relating to love through the comparison of this friend and lovely aspects of nature. The opening line talks of a someone who, is comparable to a summer's day. Here, the technique of comparing someone who is lovely to a beautiful aspect of nature can be seen throughout this popular sonnet. Shakespeare wrote this poem to 'immortalize' one of his close friends. This gesture is viewed in line 9 "But thy eternal summer shall not fade". To translate, this line states the beauty of this person will remain forever as beautiful as summer and it will not fade away. The ultimate theme of this poem is the stability of love and power. This poem also displays the progression of a person whose beauty is comparable to a summer's day, then is viewed as one who's beauty should be judged based upon. Finally, this person becomes a 'perfect being' who will be remembered in the minds of...

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