Sonnetts; &Quot;The Long Love&Quot; And &Quot;Love That Doth Reign&Quot;

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In the first decade of the 16th century the two most important poets were, Sir Thomas Wyatt and Henry Howard, earl of Surrey. They have made significant contribution towards the development of English literature during the reign of King Henry VIII. Both translated Petrach's work but with comparative difference in form and style. "The Long Love" by Wyatt and "Love that doth reign" by Surrey are translation of Petrach's 150th {109} sonnet. Each of these translated sonnet mirrors their respective poets' strength and distinguished conception of `love'.

The sonnets deal with the speaker who loves a lady, but she will not permit him to declare his love. It is the portrayal of emotions complaints and personal expression of love by lover. Wyatt's sonnet is the insightful representation of the poet's dual observation of love. He exposes two sides of love, physical and spiritual but there is no bond between them. This concept is different from the Petrach's mold of love concept. However, Surrey follows the traditional petrachian theme version. His sonnet is much more commanding version. He expresses the speaker's feelings as unrelinquishing, relating love as lives pinnacle achievement.

Although there is difference in handling of love theme but the confusion is reflected in both. Surrey's language is `modern' and easy to understand then Wyatt's difficult language for instance the expression for love reflecting on face is expressed by Surrey as "Oft in my face he doth his banner rest" and Wyatt expressed it as "Into my face presseth with bold pretence." Comparing both it is easy to grasp Surrey's language then Wyatt's; his language and structure is complex. Wyatt's language has strong and forceful impression its more business like. Surrey's is more of a complimentary and mellow.

Surrey is reticulous in the choice of diction which, however sometimes detracts from the impact of emotion and jars on the fine taste. It lacks the strong sense of sound and form spoiling the pleasure of reading because it fails to move the readers heart though it satisfies the mind for instance this line "And coward love then to the heart apace" compared to "wherewith love to the hearts forest he fleeth" prove to be weak whereas Wyatt's version is potent. Surrey's sonnet lacks in emotional intensity but is more artistic and cultured. Wyatt's due to its aggressive and masculine tone proves to be more passionate which intensify the emotions but then it lacks artistic refinement of Surrey's...

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