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The Illusion of ComfortSonny BluesIn Sonny's Blues, by James Baldwin, Sonny used his music and drugs as a source ofpower to distance himself from all the negativity in his life. What he didn't realize is thatdrugs just gave him an illusion of power, while the music was what really helped him.Every individual has a unique kind of life. There are people who are fortunate enough tohave a good relationship with their families, friends, and take the straight path through life, butthere are also people who are not so lucky to have those things and tend to turn to other methodswhich help them develop an illusion, that their life is good. One of the many possible ways anindividual could do this, is just by simply living with one standard: think positive. This ideapractically forces the ones affected negatively to think more about the pro's of the situation athand, and less about the cons. Many seek support and help from sources such as family andfriends, creative means such as art and music, or even learning a skill. It could be something thatmight not be interesting to someone directly, but it could prove to be a useful tool to have in apotential situation in the future. Unfortunately some of those methods include the use of drugsand alcohol, which usually lead to horrible consequences. Once dependent on such harmfulsubstances, almost never does the person identify their habits as a problem before it's too late.Sometimes when it is impossible to escape physically, we need to try to escape mentally. Thedifference between the two is the ability to have a conscious, pro-active mind to do what isultimately right. At times escaping mentally can get a person carried away in their beliefs, andcause them to become mentally unstable.The story begins with Sonny being arrested for heroin use while his brother, the narrator,teaches school. The story then takes the reader though the characters lives as seen from thenarrator's point of view. The music helps each of them deal with their suffering and pain. Thestory suggests that sometimes music can help us express our suffering, deal with our problems,and understand each other. Sonny is shown as a troubled young man who, becomes anadult. He has a dream of becoming a great musician but the drug infested environment in Harlemthreatens to destroy him. He uses heroin to overcome his pain and problems. We seethat the character of Sonny changes by developing the ability to deal with his pain and problemsthrough music instead of drugs. His brother is also in great pain, but he has learned toovercome it by interacting with others and his family. Throughout the story he is distant fromSonny but doesn't want to be. He loves his brother but does not understand him. They are seeingthe world from two different points of view. Sonny's older brother changes as well, but heunderstands that he is changing. In the last pages of the story he begins to understand Sonny forthe first time. In the end Sonny's bother begins to understand the...

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Sonny's Blues Essay

1021 words - 4 pages Love is Unconditional ?Sonny?s Blues?, by James Baldwin, is a story about two black brothers who have many differences, but learn how to overcome them and unite as brothers. Baldwin uses many writing techniques that play a huge role in the story. Through plot we learn how important every event in the story is and how critical plot is for the reader to understand.The setting of the story puts us back in a time period and a place were we can

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2185 words - 9 pages James Baldwin, the author of “Sonny Blues,” is an African American novelist and storywriter. In one of his most famous stories, “Sonny’s Blues,” he writes about a young boy that has an addiction to heroin. The story shows the relationship between two brothers and the problems that they, and their family have to endure. The brothers do not have a close bond during the time that the story takes place. James Baldwin, while growing up also dealt

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2889 words - 12 pages Historically, strong family relationships have been emphasized by American society. Strong family ties have been significant to maintaining healthy lifestyles and relationships across many cultures, including African American culture. Sonny, the younger brother in James Baldwin’s “Sonny’s Blues”, has suffered from a heroin addiction which caused him to separate from both his parents and his older brother. The essay portrays two brothers who

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2958 words - 12 pages them. According to his brother, who narrates "Sonny's Blues," Sonny was a bright-eyed young man full of gentleness and privacy. "When he was about as old as the boys in my classes his face had been bright and open, there was a lot of copper in it; and he'd had wonderfully direct brown eyes, a great gentleness and privacy. I wondered what he looked like now" (Baldwin 272). Something happened to Sonny, as it did to most of the young people

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1403 words - 6 pages Sonny’s Blues is a short story written by James Baldwin. The story is written in the first person singular narrative style and it begins with the narrator who reads in the newspaper on his way to work about his younger brother Sonny, who has been caught in a heroine bust and jailed. The narrator becomes very disappointed in his brother that he does not write to him for a while but after his daughter Gracie, succumbs to polio, that is when he

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1988 words - 8 pages While reading “Sonny’s Blues” by James Baldwin theme, symbolism, and motifs were discovered throughout the entire short story. Sonny one of the two main characters, is dealing with a drug addiction and is now following his dreams of becoming a jazz musician. The narrator, whose name was never given, does his best to keep the promise he made his mother years ago, to be his brother’s keeper. James Baldwin, an African American author, grew up in

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913 words - 4 pages life, in religious circles brotherly love is shown to members whom you share with same doctrines. The theme of brotherly love is illustrated in the story ‘Sonny’s Blues’ and ‘The Red Convertible’ using literary language and by use of stylistic devices amazingly. Both stories have brothers as protagonists. This paper illustrates the theme of brotherly love in the stories and gives relevant citations as examples. BROTHERLY LOVE IN SONNY’S BLUES

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2204 words - 9 pages progressed in the Mississippi Delta to New Orleans. It later progressed in the Midwest as African Americans moved north in search of better lives and opportunities. As the music evolved several different subgenres were created such as jazz-blues blends. The music went on to develop into rhythm and blues and rock n roll as we know it today. This paper will give you the introduction of how the blues came into existence and how it has evolved in

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2271 words - 10 pages true self lies, Sonny starts to submerge himself with the intimidating drug crowd and gets sentenced to prison due to drug problems. In Donald C. Murray’s analytical paper titled, “James Baldwin’s ‘Sonny’s Blues’: complicated and simple”, Murray talks about the parallel distinction between the educated older brother and his troublesome younger brother, Sonny. “It’s fitting that the narrator would learn of Sonny’s imprisonment while reading a

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1002 words - 5 pages of the story was based around. Emily was known by the townspeople and treated as family because she has a huge impact on her surroundings. A real blood line brotherhood in "Sonny's Blues" creates a different image for a pedigree. Sonny and his brother are complete opposites in their line of work. His brother is a teacher who has his life on track. Sonny, on the other hand, is trying to find his place in the world. The two brothers do not

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2439 words - 10 pages -baldwin/about-the-author/59/>. Baldwin, James. "Sonny's Blues." Miller, Quentin and Julie Nash. Connections: Literature for Composition. Boston, New York: Houghton Mifflin Company, 2008. 984-1006. Reuben, Paul P. PAL: Perspectives in American Literature- A Research and Reference Guide. Chapter 10: James Baldwin (1924-1987). 3 November 2011. April 2012 . Werner, Craig, Thomas J

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