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The story “Sonny’s Blues “is about two brothers that deal with racism. In dealing with their issues they both suffer and survive in their family and community. Their stories are a strong impact on their character and how they deal with their pain. Sonny chooses a more damaging means of racism, such as drug addiction to heroin; although, he does find a better choice music! The older brother, the narrator, James Baldwin, goes to college to become a teacher, and give back to his community in Harlem. The narrator rises above the suffering and difficulties of trying to fit into the white society. Sonny and the narrator find different means in dealing with their racism.Eventhough, both brothers take different routes in their lives, and they feel at the end be true to yourself, Follow your Dreams!
Sonny tries to escape racism with his music, but his brother feels he needs a better means in providing for himself (99).He tries to get his point across to James ‘he replies that there’s no way not to suffer isn’t better than just to take it. (105) Sonny searches to find ways versus using drugs; he even goes into the service. He struggles with his suffering difficulties, and tries to escape from the ghetto, but drugs seem to be how he fits in his troubled society, so he becomes one of the society. His realistic method to his pain and suffering is dealing and using heroin; therefore, he ends up in jail. During his incarceration he begins working on his music, so when he gets out he has a career. During the time in prison, blues seems to be the music he can relate to, and it helps with his pain and suffering. Sonny realizes that music has a much better impact of his life versus his heroin addiction.Music has always brought communities to share that bond (104). Brothers use different means to follow their dreams. On the other hand, his brother uses his teaching to get though racism.
James tries to make it into the white society, but still deals with the pain and the limitation to his oppurtunties.James is part of the typical middle class during that period in time, lives in Harlem, and rides the subway. Yet in his world he is labeled upper white class, but not in the white world. James goes into the service and becomes a teacher. He seems to be afraid of change because he worries that something bad will come of it, so he settles for less in order to stay safe. He recalls events that bring his past, present and possible future that his family has endure with racism. One of the past events between his father and uncle was playing at a bar and dealing with racism. They are coming out of a bar and a carload of white men ran over his uncle and killed him;...

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