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Shields 1
Chapter 1
Augustine and his friends are wrong doing, running through fields, and taking people's fruit. Him and his best friend Alypius get caught behind and have to hide out. Then, they meet up with the others at the center of town they called the Hollow. Here, Augustine told his story he had with a lady, who had a husband. Then an argument occurred.
Chapter 2
Augustine's parents, Monica and Patricius, talk about sending their son away. While talking, they realize that Augustine has become a man. Monica then asks for Patricius to be baptized, and convert to Christianity. He says he can not because he would make a poor follower of Christ, and does not want to upset his local gentry. At the end of this chapter, the conversation ends when Monica goes to pray, and Augustine comes home only to have a word with his father.
Chapter 3
Augustine's talk with his father is not bad. He finds out that he might be going to the university in Carthage. This made Augustine happy, but not Monica. Monica and Augustine talk about the choice she made to not have him baptized, and about his future and how important his education is. Monica ends the night by giving advice to Augustine on women.
Shields 2
Chapter 4
A banquet was held for Augustine celebrating the event and the donning of the toga viriles. The family and their guests have a few discussions including one about the emperor, Valentinian. Finally, Augustine made his "debut" and walked in his toga, and read out loud to everyone. The people were amazed by his readings, but not by his own poems.
Chapter 5
Augustine talks to his best friends before he leaves. They dispute over the fact that Augustine hates the Greeks. Then, Augustine tells his friends to come to Carthage with him. Alypius agreed to ask his father if he could go. Suddenly, Augustine came filled with anger when he heard women talking about his mother, and the men she encountered. Then, Augustine ran away to where he sees his father, mother, and grandmother. His mother knows of the rumor about her, but tells Augustine not to worry.
Chapter 6
Augustine arrives in Carthage a month early, to get some culture out of it. He looks around and acknowledges its beauty after it as rebuilt. In Carthage, he meets Romanianus' slave, Marcus, who takes him out to see the town. Marcus took him to eat, to the parade, and lastly to a strip club.
Shields 3
Chapter 7
Alypius joined Augustine in Carthage in October. As roommates, with Nebridius, the...

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