Sony Bravia: High Def Or Highly Distorted

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As the world of technology continually changes, the expectations of the consumer are constantly on the rise. Sony, one of the leaders of today's technology, has developed a product designed to appeal to both men and women equally. The Sony Bravia is a television that they claim was made to appease to both genders. They imply that between the sleek design and the "Sony Full HD" feature, that no matter who you are, this is the television for you. No more disputes with the wife/girlfriend because they want something that looks nice in the entertainment center. No more arguments from the husband/boyfriend because he wants the latest technology has to offer. Sony has claimed to bring the best of both worlds into one marvelous package…The Sony Bravia. This particular ad, published in Maxim, immediately catches your eyes by using the colors blue and pink together. Each color covers half of the page horizontally with the picture of the ad tying them together. Initially, your eyes are drawn to the contrasting colors but you quickly notice the stylish television gracing the page. One of the phrases they use, "The world's first television for men and women" suggests that TV is a must have in your home. That it will satisfy the desires of everyone who gets enjoyment out of watching television. When in reality, it isn't any different than other TV. Of course the appearance may vary but it really doesn't offer anything that another brand doesn't offer. They use the words "World's first" to give a false sense of being...

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