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Statment Of Purpose For Computer Science

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I am a person with one of the most ancient cultures, studying a very modern and continuously changing profession upon third millennium. My culture has instilled insight within me, encouraging me to study diligently and acquire knowledge as much as possible. This philosophy propelled me to study master of computer science (Distributed computing) at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), and I’m a former B.Sc graduate of computer engineering (Software) at Islamic Azad University of Sari (IAUS). To take the wisdom to pursue my PHD program and expand my research experiences, I believe University of Pittsburg is one the prestigious institutes with its well-organized programs, outstanding staff, and highly motivated and glorious research communities.

As far as I can remember I explored my propensity toward physics and mathematics at Alborz High School. My interests in Electrical/Computer Engineering came to life at the age of 16 when my father purchased my first computer. I started to practice programming concurrently with my High school programming coursework and after a while I noticed that my love in mathematics and physics played a dominant role to understand how my new friend works. I was enthusiastic of programming and with assiduously practicing I learnt the fundamental of computer science and programming. The outcome of such diligent working was a pleasant A in that course which was the early announcement of brighter tomorrow. My long journey in computer science has started since that time and continued uninterruptedly.
Starting my degree at Islamic Azad University of Sari (IAUS) in computer engineering (software) was the first planned decision of mine to chase my study in this field of science. Beside my interest to computer science, I did my investigation for choosing a major for my bachelor, which is hot, dynamic, and flourishing among all other majors of science and engineering. At the end of the day, I concluded that computer science is the most dominant and effective field of science to me that will cause a revolution in the style of human’s life very soon and I was absolutely correct. The first blossom in my academic life just flourished at the end of the first semester by obtaining 19.25/20 in ‘fundamental of computers and programming’ course and it confirmed that I was right about my talents and interests in computer science. This progress continued and even improved by the second achievement of mine in ‘Advanced programming’ by getting 20/20. Despite the good marks in these subjects I faced some difficulties in my personal life at the end of second year that influenced my GPA dramatically. However, I resolved the problems during the semester break. In fact, at that time I had a trip that changed my ideology and philosophy toward a prosperous and optimistic future.
Afterwards, I started my studies diligently and the result of my work at the end of fifth semester was triumphant, because I changed my GPA from 12.12/20 to...

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