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Sose The Changing Nature Of Work Assignment

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THE CHANGING NATURE OF WORK ASSIGNMENT"The nature of work in Australia has changed and will continue to change."(Leader statement)The nature of work and its role in society are changing in ways that have sparked considerable debate among social critics and scholars from multiple disciplines who study work.Work and its role in society has become the subject of considerable public commentary and debate in recent years. Some people believe that the world of work is changing so thoroughly and quickly that we should consider ourselves pioneers of a new historical era. Some say that the idea of a job has become old-fashioned that job security has become deceptive, and that, as manufacturing gives way to service work, the workforce will be populated by more unskilled workers. Some highly classed leaders have even argued that work is disappearing altogether, at least for a significant percentage of the population. There are those who assert, more optimistically, that Still other voices argue that all such claims are overstated, either naively claimed or unnecessarily exaggerated.These analysts see changes in the nature of work as more gradual and evolutionary, and that society is experiencing incremental and in many ways expected adaptations to shifts in demography, technology, markets, organizational structures, and employment practices.Historically, advances in technology have had deep effects on the workplace and how work is conducted.In overall technology and work are related as: Work is the processes by which humans transform resources into outputs. Technologies are the means by which the transforming is done.Technology shapes not only what people can do, but how they do it. Technological change has three effects on work and occupational structures. It creates new occupations and reduces or eliminates some existing occupations; it increases the skills required on some jobs and decreases the skills of others; and it changes the skills required in ways that are not captured by "up or down-skilling" effects. Because changes in technology occur with some regularity in most work settings, the reformatting of work by new technology is commonplace. As an example: Take the blacksmiths before cars or automobiles were invented. They had the job of making horseshoes, supplying leather goods and saddles. There were the doctors who treated ill horses, the farmers that got paid to supply the horses with hay and feed. Once automobiles were invented these people all lost their jobs. But on the another hand some people got jobs as mechanics etc...and that went all way to now, with petrol service attendants, crash repairs etc..One of technologies most important inventions were the computers. As we continue through the information age, it is hard to imagine conducting business without computers. Each day, millions of people working in offices and homes around the world depend on computer technology to do their jobs efficiently and economically. That also...

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