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Soul Of The Sword (Short Theatre Play)

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Scene OneThe setting is 300 A.D. in Rome. The Coliseum is at its peak showing Gladiators. Inside the Coliseum, a room is present with chairs, made for the senators and the Caesar. The beautiful moonlight is shining through the windows hitting the marble floor. No Senators are present nor the Caesar. The only man that is present is a Slave owner by the name of Decimus. He is strolling back and forth throughout the room speaking out loud to himself. A slight echo is heard throughout.Decimus: Why do I do this? It is not moral, it is not righteous. I have enslaved gladiators for all my life. Three generations this has been in my family. Shall my children follow in my footsteps? It doesn't even pay well. All the gladiators do is die. Never have I had one that had success.Decimus pauses for a minuteDecimus: I need someone remarkable, one that would astonish the Caesar, one that makes the crowd stop and pause and think to themselves, "Now this Gladiator has it, has all the power in himself to rule the coliseum." I need this man, whoever he might be. I shall go in search, search to the boarders of the Empire. I will find himA Guard enters the room. He has Roman armor on with a nice blue cloak with gold trim. He carries a sword on his right side.Guard: Who are you and what are you doing in here?Decimus: My name is Decimus, I am a slave owner. I am waiting for Marcus, the organizer of fights. I have urgent needs I must speak to him about.Guard: Forgive me, I did not know. I will retrieve Marcus for you.Decimus: Thank you.The lights dim and the scene ends.Scene TwoIt is a bright sunny day outside. Very hot and sweat is dripping from...

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