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Soul Surfer Essay

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From a young age I remember being terrified of the ocean, I’d spend all of my time there with my father, building up my confidence and spending time with him. I recall my fear of being dunked under a wave, or falling of my little nipper board on a wave. My father would carry me out the back, holding on tight around his neck I’d close my eyes and the fear would go. He’d set me off on a wave on a board, laying down on the back to ensure me it was okay if I fall he would be there. I remember one wave I caught, I turned my head, and it was a big wave… well I was only small so, so it was big considering!
My Dad had let go, there was no fear, I closed my eyes for a second as I dropped down the ...view middle of the document...

Bethany Hamilton, my largest inspiration and motivation to do well. American professional surfer, known too many today as ‘soul surfer.’ It was October 31st, 2003, Bethany’s world had an unexpected change in events. She was out surfing with best friend Alana, Alana's father Holt and Brother Bryan. Suddenly without any warning Bethany who was casually lying on her board facing out to sea waiting for the sets to roll in, her left arm gracefully in the water, had suddenly been attacked by a shark, her left arm had completely been bitten off up to her armpit. With the massive turn of events and loss of an arm, Bethany’s aspirations of life stuck to be the same, even with one arm, she still lived for surfing and came out for filling her life dreams of becoming a professional surfer, her story, a true inspiration, full of motivation and dedication, with heart touching moments and a positive aspect her life, turning into a roller coaster goes to show anything is possible and dreams can be reached no matter what obstacles get in your way.
The accident was a true tragedy had the whole town worried, everyone came together and prayed for Bethany for she was loved by everyone. The initial motivating force of motivation for Bethany started with everyone in the town, after the accident Bethany has ensured herself that her surfing days were over telling her dad that she would just be the world’s best surfing photographer, after stating the he comforted her, “I’m sure you will” he replied. Days had passed soon enough all she wanted to do was surf. “I have this thought, every second of my life: “why me?” not necessarily in a negative way- like “why did this horrible thing have to happen to me?” But more “Why did God choose me and what does he have in mind for me?” (B. Hamilton, 2004). Bethany Hamilton is a true religious believer, this was a massive help and motivation to get her back to surfing. She believed that God had chosen her to make a new story. Show others things are possible, although it was a tough roller-coaster ride, with encouragement and friends and family to help her through her lows she managed to pull through it all, telling an outstanding story touching hearts all across the world.
“Dad would tell us, “There’s no sense in getting upset or being sore. There’s always another opportunity to show you can do it.” So that’s what I try to remind myself if I blow a competition. It’s over, move on. Tomorrow’s another day.” (B. Hamilton, 2004) Bethany’s beliefs had been formed from the upbringing into the surf culture and support of both her Mother and Father. I believe what her father’s tells her is important for everyone to believe. The beliefs of acknowledging winning isn’t everything and coincides within my personal beliefs that too had been encouraged by my parents at a young age. Bethany tells “No one really gets cocky like in other sports. There’s no, “I’m the best and you can’t touch me.” Because we all know so many things can happen while...

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