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How Guitars Make Sound Essay

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When an object vibrates, the medium in which it is directly adjacent to create a mechanical disturbance, this creates sound. Sound is a pressure wave which travel through the medium which is usually air. The medium then carries the pressure waves to the ear of a person or animal. For example, when a guitar string is plucked, the string starts vibrating violently creating a pressure wave which travels through the medium and to an ear were the sound is heard. The equation of a sound wave is speed= wavelength x frequency. A wavelength is the distance between crest of a wave. Frequency is the rate per second of a vibrating constituting wave.

Figure 3- sound wave
Physics of instrument
The instrument which will be evaluated the physics behind is the guitar. The guitar is a stringed musical instrument which has become very popular throughout mankind. The guitar has six or twelve strings and is played by strumming or plucking those strings. As the guitar is plucked the string vibrates at a fundamental frequency and also creates many harmonics and frequencies with the use of notes. At which the string vibrates depends on the tension of string. Notes are created by the musician is applying pressure to the other side of the strings resulting in the vibrations to be shorter resulting in different notes and tones. The headstock and tuner part of the guitar is to tune the guitar, this works by either tightening or loosening the string resulting in how much the strings vibrate. Frets are wire inserts signifying were the musician passes each string to make different notes.

Figure 4-frequency waves

Frequency As shown in diagram 4 it compares the difference between a high frequency wave and a low frequency wave. The high frequency wave has a shorter wavelength, also known as period, then the low frequency. This results in more wavelengths in a certain amount of time rather than the low frequency. For the guitar to produce a high frequency sound the note is closer to the hole of the guitar rather than further away. This causes the string to vibrate faster as there is less string to vibrate. For a low frequency sound the note is to be held further up the guitar Figure 5- amplification so there is more string to vibrate.
Amplification Amplification is very common in the musical world as it increases the volume in which an instrument is played. An electronic device is...

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