Noise Pollution: Raising Awareness On The Unseen Deterioration Of Human Health

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Cover NoteThroughout this semester I have been faced with the challenge of changing my writing habits, in order to improve the quality of my essays. This required a commitment of time and humility, because I constantly sought for information to better understand the writing process. The Argumentative essay was a long process, which forced me to use all the skills I learned throughout the semester. The skills began with correctly annotating resources and finding specific quotes. From these quotes we learned how to build and sandwich them, by introducing the quote and following up the quote with our own interpretation of the its meaning. The writing process for this assignment really developed through the discussions and feedback from my peers and professor. One important aspect I have learned about writing and developing a successful paper is truly taking into consideration the comments and varying points of view of my classmates, because they determine the success of my paper. Essentially, in order for a paper to be well written, I learned that I have to figure out how to take what I'm trying to say and translate it into my writing, so that others are able to understand the message that I am try to portray. There were two key assignments throughout the semester that aided my specific writing skills. They were essential for writing the Argumentative essay. One of the most vital skills learned in my Synthesis essay was how to sandwich quotes. As described earlier, sandwiching quotes introduces the source meshed with an idea that we are trying to present. Then, we follow the quote with personal interpretation and analysis to make a point. Another significant skill learned in the process of writing the Synthesis essay, was learning how to tie the main ideas from quotes and personal arguments, and match it with a quote from a different source. This skill alone provided the paper with more validity, since it tied differing sources together, rather than picking a single idea from one source. After this paper was returned to us in class, I realized that I still needed more development with synthesizing the thoughts and ideas I was trying to play. Working on the Synthesis essay follow-up assignment, allowed me to see where my paper needed additional work, specifically sandwiching quotes and analyzing the claim I was trying to present. The other writing assignment that helped develop my writing skills and to prepare for the Argumentative essay was the Annotated Bibliography Assignment. This assignment helped prepare me for the Argumentative essay because I learned how to search for specific books and find them, which was impressive because Washington State libraries have seemingly endless amounts of resources and information. Having these resources available to me helped me gather ideas on what I wanted to focus my Argumentative essay around. After reviewing my research report, I realized that my research was too broad and that it needed to be more...

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