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Retreat is a kind of programs to train executives with outdoor activities, such as balancing on planks, building tents blindfolded and stepping through complex webs of ropes. Some other more violent programs will be focused on whitewater rivers, rock walls treetop rope bridges and even fire pits as metaphors for the real life business world. The philosophy behind retreat is to get people out of the office, extend their boundaries and create an atmosphere of fun. Although sometimes the activities seem idiot, they have serious purpose: improving the teamwork to achieve better performance.The senior executives of Wells Fargo & Co. recently conducted a two-day session of retreat program, which included walking on two wobbly wooden planks and stretching with a partner who takes touch beyond an everyday collegial handshake. Although all the participants are senior financial executives, risk managers accountants with top performance, the organizer--CFO Howard Atkins said that he wanted an even higher level of performance. "They are very individualistic in their approach to their work," he said, "What I have been trying to do is get them see the power of acting more like a team."It is extremely surprising that the new hi-tech companies tend to choose the highly risky activities of their retreat program. Some of them believe that the higher degree of danger involved the closer of the team relations it will be. I think that's because their internal culture tends to appreciate the risk.Some of the people see payoff in productivity of the retreat program. The CEO of RE/MAX International claims that they think if the employees are playing together and staying together, it will create a good atmosphere around their working place. The banker, Howard Atkins was very pleased with the outcome of the two-day program. He said it was a terrific success, adding that Wells Fargo in recent quarters is showing two-digit gains in income and earnings, which he credits in large part to the bank's retreat programs. Quite amazing, isn't it?Although many people claim credible success of the program, the real value of the off-site retreats and physically challenging exercises is in large dispute. Some doubt whether the mountain climb, a fire walk or a rafting trip can be really related to the accomplishment of the organization. Liteman, who designed off-site retreats...

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