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In music there are a variety of instruments that display the color of harmonies, when they are played in an orchestra or a band. The ranges of their sounds spans from the lowest pitch of a contrabass to the highest pitch of a piccolo. Moreover their classification derives by the group or section to which they belong.The classification of instruments in music is divided into three broad classes or families which are percussion, string and wind. Many instruments have more than one characteristic and fall into more than one class. The piano, for example, is a string instrument as well as a percussion instrument.Moreover in the group of percussion, the description of some of these instruments is very similar, since some of them consist of a drum shape. For example the typical description of any drum consist of a wooden cylinder that or hemispheres with calfskin stretched tightly one or both ends to form the head.In the performance of percussion instruments, there are several of them that are executed in two ways. For instance some of these instruments are played with the palms of the hands or by using wooden sticks. The procedure when playing with the palms of the hand is as follow: both hands tap or strike simultaneously the head of the drum. In order to produce a different sound at the same time, the performer places one hand on the calfskin of the drum while strikes it with the other. The strength of the strike depends on the type of dynamic the performer is using. A good example of this kind of instrument is the conga. The conga consist of a wooden cylinder that or hemispheres with calfskin that stretches tightly the ends of the cylinder to form the head. The tension of the head is control by rods and screws. The purpose of such tension is to produce different sounds or to tune the instrument. Another way of playing percussion instruments is by using wooden sticks. This is the case in the drumset. The drumset consist in the collection of different kinds of drums and cymbals that make up this particular instrument. A typical drumset is arranged with a bass drum, a snare drum, tom-toms and three cymbals. Every peace of this instrument has a specific function in which simultaneously they dictate a rhythm or a pattern. For example the function of the bass drum consists in marking the down beat of the rhythm being played. The snare drum is in charge of marking the up beats of the rhythm. The toms and the cymbals signal the end of the rhythm or the introduction of a new pattern. The procedure of playing these instruments differs by hitting or striking the drums with the sticks instead of the hands. Since percussion instruments are most likely to be chasers of the rhythm, they constitute the rhythm section on any type of musical ensembles. There are also those instruments that constitute the harmony or the accompaniment in an ensemble; which in most cases is attributed to the string section.In the string section we find instruments like the piano, the...

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