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Picking two songs that would best fit on the "soundtrack to my life" was in a way surprising to me. Only one of these two songs would appear on my "favorites" list, and yet, in some way, they both have become a part of me. Since the dawn of time, songs have been taken to heart by their listeners. Each song, with its own initial meaning, has been loved by someone and loved again, but for absolutely different reasons, by the person sitting right next to them listening to the same song. Every song you hear is an event; some will be rapidly rising crescendos during the pinnacle moments of your life, while others will be nothing more than simple background noise. Yet they are all threads in the tapestry that we like to call life.Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton, and Larry Mullen, collectively known as the rock band U2 are one of the most influential bands in rock history. U2 came out from Dublin, Ireland with their 1980 debut album, Boy. The following years saw the release of October, War and The Unforgettable Fire, but the band's achievement of superstardom in the United States was not realized until the release of their influential album, The Joshua Tree, which was made public in 1987. The hit record contained numerous hit singles, including "Where the Streets Have No Name", "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" and one of my personal favorites and lead single off of the album, "With or Without You."My favorite song, "Without or Without You" starts out with several bars of drum beats and the placid melodic tones of a synthesizer before that distinctively driving and instantly recognizable bass line kicks in. While the song cycles through the chord changes for the first times, the clean notes of an electric guitar with a delay effect, the typical "Edge" sound that we here on almost every U2 song swirls around our ears, placed above the mix of the synthesizer, enticing us and intriguing us further into the song. Bono enters, smoothly and tranquilly sings a few bars, "See the stone set in your eyes, see the thorn twist in your side, I wait, for you…" For me, this is the most thrilling part of the song, the lull before the storm to come when the song really starts to cook.Bass beats, guitar and Bono's soft delivery combine to produce a powerful feeling, one that makes you feel as if you are taking part in something that is larger than life itself. Then, a short-lived intimation of the chorus, followed by an additional short verse and chorus, and then the drums grow more aggressive, more driven. It seems as if Bono has been freed from the chains that bind him, and his soft, measured delivery is replaced by a melancholic wail. The way that Bono expresses himself throughout the song is so real, so full of emotion that you can't help being drawn into the song. The wave of sound that has building since you turned the song on now starts to reach its pinnacle as the vocal part rockets skyward. "Nothing to win and nothing left to lose, and you give...

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