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“Lets take a break.” Eva panted as she threw down her heavy backpack on a small patch of blooming daisies next to the trail. It was about 5o’clock in the afternoon, and the sun hid behind a small piece of cloud giving the sky an orange hue. Bathed in the golden sunshine were lush pine trees, giving off a faint, sweet fragrance. “We have been hiking for hours. I am dead tired.”

“Well, we won’t be here if you didn’t wander off onto the other trail. You were the one that lead us here!” Sarah grumbled and shot Eva a glare. “We could have been with our camp counselors and summer camp friends.”

“How would I know that they are on the other trail?”

“If you didn’t start torturing snails, we won’t be lost!”

“I wasn’t torturing snails!”

“You were plucking snails off trees, using them as rocks to throw the poor squirrel! Its disgusting!”

“I’m sorry!” Eva rolled her eyes.

Sarah let out a huge sigh. That was what she hated most about her best friend Eva. Eva had always found destroying nature fun. She would take rocks and throw them at innocent animals, or break branches off trees to dig holes and set traps to capture insects. No matter how many times she tells Eva to stop, Eva would simply ignore her and do it again

“Hey Sarah, there is an inn right there! We can borrow their phone to call the counselors.” Eva pointed to a less dense part of the rich, green forest.

Sarah strained her eyes. A few yards before them, she saw a small treeless area with a small wooden inn.

An uneasy feeling rose in her stomach, “Wait! Don’t…”

“Come on! Let’s go! It’s going to be ok!” Eva heaved up her enormous bag and sprinted toward the inn.

“But…” Sarah quit protesting and ran after her friend.

“Hello m’dears, welcome to the Guardian Inn. Do you need help?” an elderly looking couple greeted them.

Sarah noticed that the couple was about 80 years old; they had high cheekbones, pale yellow skin covered with wrinkles and small slits for eyes. Their uniform had a logo of a tree and the name of their inn stich underneath.

Eva put on her brightest smile and bravely introduced herself, “Hi! I am Eva and this is my friend Sarah. We were supposed to be on a camping expedition with our summer camp, but we got lost. Do you mind if we borrow your phone?”

The old couple looked at each other and exchanged a few words in a low tone. “Come in, come in. We have a telephone at the back of the hall. Take your time.” The old man croaked and slowly leaded them to a dimly lit hallway.

Eva leapt onto the phone as soon as she saw it. She punched in their counselor’s number and wait. The phone rang once, twice, thrice, and their counselor picked up,


“Hi Mr. Moss, this is Eva. Sarah and I are lost.”

“Oh! My! It’s Eva! Where are you guys? We have been looking for you!”

“We are at the Guar––––”

Ding the conversation was cut off.

“Oh! I forgot to mention! The signal here is terrible.” The old lady said. Eva redialed their counselor’s number again, but the...

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