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Soup On Ice Essay

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Soup on Ice In Robert Newton Peck's Soup on Ice two characters named Rob Peck and Soup Vinson are continually getting into predicaments over their Christmas vacation. In the book, Soup and Rob are two sixth grade boys in the late 1930's who are known for getting into trouble in a small town called Learning, Vermont. In the story the two boys are trying to figure out a way to make the big Christmas celebration in town extra spectacular. At the beginning of the plot, the two boys are concerned only about what they will get for Christmas, but as the plot continues they realize that other things are much more important than gifts that they will receive. The narrator throughout the story is Rob Peck. Rob is one of the main characters in the story and this works out very well to advance the plot smoothly. During the story, Soup and Rob meet two main conflicts. They need to find a way to persuade their parents to buy them a Buck Jones BB Gun, and later they have to find a person to play Santa Claus for the big tree lighting in the Town Square. Soup and Rob are two great characters in the book, and Robert Newton Peck does a great job in expressing how the boys change their views as the plot moves forward.The first main character in this novel is a young boy named Rob Peck. Rob shares the leading role in this story with his best friend Soup. He is also the narrator of the book, so we are able to see all of his thoughts and feelings about what is going on in the story. Rob is an average student in school who has a tendency to get in trouble with his friend Soup outside of school. He is usually not the one who causes the trouble, but either way he is a part of it. Rob and Soup remind me a lot of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn. Rob would be the Tom Sawyer of the two because he is the one who gets dragged into crazy plans made by Soup. Rob has a soft spot for a girl in class named Norma Jean Bissell. Rob likes Norma Jean, but never gets the courage to talk to her in school. In the story a certain line that would best describe Rob is when Rob is talking to Soup after a long day of shoveling and he says, "Let's go home Soup. It'll be time for chores, and I can't afford to miss those. Not this close to Christmas and a possible BB gun." This describes Rob well because it shows that he is an obedient boy, who also is able to get into trouble sometimes, in this case with a BB gun. By the end of the story, Rob changes from being a boy who is only worried about his Christmas present to a boy who would rather have well for others than him. I really like Rob Peck because he is the character that keeps the book going with his narration and good humor.The next significant main character in the story is Luther "Soup" Vinson. In the book, Soup is Rob Peck's best friend who is usually leading the two boys into trouble around town. Soup is a young and almost rebellious boy who always finds a way to get him and his friend into trouble. Usually Soup means well, but things do not...

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