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The ideal assimilation of many cultures together to form a super culture amongst a group of people comprised of many different sub groups, is the utopian idea of a melting pot. All the ingredients put into the pot to make an American Stew, stirred up by nationalism and unity, salted with strength, and peppered with patriotism. Although this sounds delicious, there are some errors in the recipe but with a little editing, the idea is not entirely impossible. In fact the American meal should be more of a soup, salad, and breadsticks deal: some parts all mixed up and flowing together, others working together well, but not blended together, and then some people who exclude themselves and feel the need to stand on their own, not combined with others in anyway. Get your napkins ready; dinners ready.
The American soup (or melting pot) has been the picture perfect image for combining cultures for decades. Immigrants have called America home for many years. Your ancestors were immigrants of the land we now call home. When asked to describe the culture of our land what else could we say other than a melting pot of cultures all mashed into one. As one culture meets and mingles with another, both soak in the flavor of the other, not unlike the carrots and potatoes of a pot roast soaking up the tastes of the broth and beef coupled with them in the stew. A bite of potato from a pot roast does not taste like a regular potato but instead has characteristics of the stew and broth as well. The same is with today's Americans. Go to a public school and you will not find one kid purely influenced by his own culture, his friends and surroundings have influenced him and he now mixes and mingles with cultures of many other classmates and shares their characteristics. The same is true with a university such as Georgia State University, one of the most diverse universities in the world. Using myself as an example, I am a middle class white male, I have no white friends at this university. I have a Vietnamese friend, a friend from India and an African American friend. My friends have not stripped me of my culture, not have I stripped them of theirs, but we all have influenced each other and learned from each other. The American stew is not only possible, but the stew is boiling now, and has been for many years in America. We are the stew and we are the ingredients, and we're cookin.
The American stew does not go unaccompanied though, it is paired with a cohesion salad (or the salad bowl). Many ingredients mixed together, but none taking on the traits of the others. There are aspects of our individual cultures and customs that no one should be able to influence or change. The salad is where we find our religion, family tradition, and personal preferences. We can practice our own cultures religion safely and without influence in the salad bowl, there are not any croutons trying to tell you how to praise and no almond chips leading you in worship of another...

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