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This article discusses the future role of the library media specialist, which describes that they need to have a bigger role in education. Many believe that librarians are the original specialists so they call it “the information perspective” (Lowe, 2000). This is where the library media specialists look at the curriculum, assignments, and learning in terms of information resources, processes, and technologies required for student success. The library media specialists are going to be the “pioneers” in teaching information skills and integrating technology skills to the information for problem-solving process (Lowe, 2000). Gary Hartzell, a professor at University of Nebraska, “believes that the library specialists should participate in decisions affecting technology and the curriculum at the school districts.” Technology is increasing everyday, which is changing the role of educators as well as education. As technology is increasing, there is a greater need for information, libraries, and technology in the schools. Some steps for the library media specialists are to learn and absorb, which means they find information and share it with their colleagues.
Secondly, get involved in the information and technology program. Lastly, be a leader, take an active role in decision making and planning.

This article described many good ideas for the future of education involving library media specialists. Technology is increasing and they can be very helpful with information for students as well as other teachers. The article discussed many good examples how the specialists could get involved. I liked to see that they can help take a look at the curriculum, assignments, for student’s success. For the most part of the article I liked how the specialist is going to be very involved in the school, however; I was thinking that the librarians could learn to become the specialist instead of having more people come into the schools. Many schools can not afford more staff to come to their schools and libraries. I would have the librarians who are already there have them become the specialists. The libraries can be very helpful because it has so much information and librarians can be very helpful because they can obtain so much information and are there to help everyone. Overall, I think that the specialist will be very useful for the future of education.

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This article pertains to virtual classrooms in the future. However, future may not be so far after all. Liz Pape, CEO, created the virtual high school. “She believes that it is full of great content, the curriculum is not available to kids in a regular school, it is a chance to interact with people all around the world, and it is a 24/7 learning experience, which makes the environment to include and not exclude” (Fording, 2004). Pape’s cyber school is a non-profit organizational that primarily works with educators in traditional high schools to provide a wider...

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