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Source Evaluation Essay

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Upon evaluation, the journal article “ Mental Health in Deployed and Non-deployed Veteran Men and Women in Comparison With their Civilian Counterparts” by Mark W. Hoglund and Rebecca M. Schwartz published by Military Medicine in Volume 19 proves to be a moderately reliable source due to the academic presentation which includes data, personal interviews, qualified sources and a balanced argument that have points that support their argument. Mark W. Hoglund was a project manager for Family Health services, he served as a Human Resources professional in three different organizations, and studies Adult Career planning and Development. Rebecca M. Schwartz is a clinical psychologist, assistant professor, and a graduate of public health. Although Schwartz never served in military and majority of her studies are for HIV in kids and women this leads her to have lot of information about the mental being.
One of the article’s many main points state that men and women who have served in combat often have side effects such as mental health from experience of the war. It does not matter if they did serve in active duty or only served in military occupations, either way they are still affected. In this article Mr. Hoglund and Mrs. Schwartz perform multiple polls and research that help sustain their point of view to compare the men and women who suffer in it and to the civilians’ mental health. With these three comparisons of choice it helps to open the audience’s eyes, such as experts or even a general audience who have loved ones serving, about the side affects that come with war. Studies of military personnel deployed veterans of war have investigated gender differences in the association between combat exposure and/ or war zone deployment and the risk of depression or post-traumatic stress disorder.
In the article “Mental Health in Deployed and Non-deployed Veteran Men and Women in comparison With Their Civilian Counterparts published” by Military Medicine in Volume 19. The authors of this article use a well-organized format by first stating the problem and introduce what the article’s main points are. Next, it introduces its participants, which vary from: age, state, and veterans’ health. After it talks about the outcome and results they received from their survey from the men and women. Then it leads into discussion about mental health in females and males, deployed and non-deployed, and then compare the veterans’ health with the civilians. Which then leads into a greater discussion amongst the gender differences in mental health status and experience of the veterans. With the references and data collected from fellow veterans and...

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