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2. Who was the author/creator of this document and how are they related to the event they are talking about?
The author of this document is Alf Landon. He was a Republican Presidential candidate in 1936. He was elected governor of Kansas in 1932. He started his political career by campaigning for Theodore Roosevelt. Alf Landon opposed Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal of the social security Act. He thought it would place a heavy burden on employers and employees. He also questioned if the money that the treasury was putting away was going to be there for later use.
3. How credible is the author on their subject and what are some potential biases they may have had?
The author is very ...view middle of the document...

It will help me further understand why the republicans disagreed with this bill.
Also how Roosevelt planned to use the money from the taxes to old aged pensions and unemployment compensation.
Part II: Secondary Source Investigation

2. Who was the author of this document and why are they qualified to talk about this topic?
The author of this article was David M. Kennedy. He is qualified to talk about the New Deal because he was a Pulitzer Prize winning historian and professor who specialized in American History. He has written on a broad range of subjects in American History. He has written many books dealing with American History and has contributed on several magazines articles. David M. Kennedy is notable for his integration of economic analysis and cultural analysis with social history and political history.
3. What historical event/topic is the author writing about and what is their main argument?
The historical event that the author is talking about is the Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal. It discusses Roosevelt’s version of the bill and the version that congress...

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