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Dracula Reconsidered


The legend of Dracula is a renowned tale told all over the world. Created by Irish writer, Bram Stoker, the story was inspired by the Romanian ruler, Vlad Dracul. The story teller was a Caucasian 49-year-old male. He was born and raised in Bucharest, Romania and was quite familiar with the past history of and current events in the country. He identified with the Romanian orthodox religion.

The Story:

“Everyone knows the story of Dracula. [Walks around the table, moves his hands as he speaks.] He has been depicted in novels, movies, and paintings. In Romania, this story is told from generation to generation and it had become an integral part of our culture. However, not many people know the true origins of Dracula. [Pauses, tone changes, has a displeased look on his face, moves toward a chair and sits down.] This legend angers me since it is a figment of popular culture and gives a bad name to our Romanian society. It is unfair, and its main purpose is to promote the tourism of our nation. It was created by an Irish man. [Pauses, thinks.] I think he was Irish. I can’t recall his name right now. Nevertheless, this man was quite misinformed and he just created this legend out of thin air. He was obsessed with phantoms, castles, and the supernatural. [Points up to the ceiling and gazes outside towards the sky.] He transformed the reality of Vlad Tepes into a silly legend. Let me give you a history of Vlad Tepes, in order for you to understand the background behind the story. In the 1400s, Romania was split into three provinces, Wallachia, Transylvania, and Moldova. [Puts three fingers in the air.] Vlad was born in a castle in Sighisoara in Transylvania. He became prince of Wallachia. He fought against the Turks and Hungarians who were trying to invade Romania and gain territory. Vlad became known as “the impaler” because he would impale his prisoners of war. [Shows the impaling action using his hands. Holds one hand horizontal and pokes it with the index finger of the other hand.] His punishments were very brutal. He set up the spears with the impaled bodies along the Danube River, where the Turks were to invade, in order to discourage them from entering the country. He also skinned and burned his enemies. However, he was very generous to his comrades. Everyone knew not to trespass Vlad. To prove this, he even put a golden cup in the middle of town. [Cups his hand and moves it to the middle of the table.] After years and years, it was still there, still untouched. No one dared to cross him. He was a very influential leader in Romania’s history and the country would not be what it is today without his existence. He was able to protect the people from invaders. Now, I don’t exactly know how he was associated with Dracula. I guess because he was ‘blood-thirsty.’ Dracula supposedly sucks the blood of the young in order to be youthful forever. By sucking the...

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