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Using sources A and B and your own knowledge, compareand contrast British and German propaganda during WWI.Both the British and the Germans used propaganda throughout the war to boost their war effort. Even though the propaganda was aimed at achieving the same result, the different cultures demanded different techniques to be used.Source A clearly outlines the aims of British propaganda, namely to recruit, get war bonds and maintain national moral support. The source also states that the British culture "does not expect" its men to join the army but concedes that the German culture does. This is why British propaganda was mainly aimed at recruiting and German propaganda concentrated on different aspects.German propaganda used "in your face" techniques to convey their propaganda messages. Unlike the British, German propaganda did not speak in the tone of ordinary people but rather 'in the all-too-familiar tones of a Prussian officer or a schoolmaster', believed historian Denis Winter. Because of this particular tone of the German propaganda, it did not always connect with the ordinary German worker. British propaganda, on the other hand, preferred to use subtle messages to reach the ordinary Briton.One of the main reasons why German propaganda was never as effective as that of the allies was because of the failure of the German authorities to properly organise it. While the British setup a Ministry of Propaganda, the Germans had no such organisation. The British sought the help of newspaper owners to help them and soon newspapers were filled with anti-German propaganda. The Germans never looked to the newspapers, which were mostly owned by Jews (which the Germans did not want to associate themselves with). Instead they setup their own military newspaper called Deutsche Kriegsnachrichten (German War News).Source B is a typical example of the obvious, attacking nature of the German propaganda. The source has a large fist, symbolising God's arm, coming down from the heavens and hitting a map of England with the words "Gott Strafe England" (God Punish England). The Germans sometimes used 'racial superiority' as a justification of the German cause. They thought God was on their side and the...

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582 words - 2 pages particularly challenging, but to the entire range of arguments against abortion that critics of abortion have developed. This article answered my research question of, "Does the human fetus have a right to life?" This source is a reputed peer review journal from Ebsco host.Johnston, George F. Abortion From The Religious And Moral Perspective : An Annotated Bibliography. Westport, Conn: Praeger Pub, 2003.In this article Mr. Johnston collects different

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1831 words - 8 pages Wasim Aamir Noordin Candidate number: 3105 Question 1 (15 marks) Source 5 is yet another propaganda poster from World War Two created by Phillip Zec, a leading British cartoonist and illustrator. As with source three, we are immediately aware that this source is propaganda as it is created by a leading British cartoonist – who is likely to be affiliated with the government due to his high status. What we can infer from the source on first

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1779 words - 8 pages Wasim Aamir Noordin Candidate number: 3105 Question 1 (15 marks) Select five sources. Explain how useful these sources have been in informing you in your enquiry into the involvement of women in industry in the two world wars. (15 marks.) My first source, a quote taken from Mona Marshall, a nursemaid who had become a steelworker during the war, describes the significance of women when working in industry during the First World War. The source

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938 words - 4 pages Specimen exam question 2: recruitment a. Use sources A and B. i) Describe two kinds of recruiting propaganda aimed at British women. (2 marks) In source A, there is text that implies women’s thoughts and ideas about the war. The text reads, “Women of Britain say – “GO!””. The use of “GO!” with the exclamation mark and it is also in capital letters asserts the women’s thoughts as dominant and persuasive. This use of propaganda persuades men to

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