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Sources A And E And Their Support Of The View That The Failure Of Prohibition Was Inevitable

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Sources A and E and Their Support of the View that the Failure of Prohibition was Inevitable

Sources A to E all suggest different things. There is evidence to
suggest that prohibition looked like it would succeed particularly at
the beginning and in rural areas. Leading up to the introduction of
prohibition there was allot of support for it and many thought it
would be the end to poverty problems. Rural areas were not big
drinkers and prior to prohibition over half the states had already
turned ‘dry’. Prohibition looked promising and there was plenty of
evidence to suggest the success of it. However the real truth and
fundamentals of the cause was society’s unwillingness to except
prohibition; alcohol had been part of the culture especially urban
culture for years. Changing social values were also happening at this
time as industrial urbanization made people feel more liberated and
more and more immigrants were flocking to America. If people didn’t
want to abide by the law now was the time that they were more likely
to rebel as they felt like they had more freedom and confidence than
ever before. Due to this, prohibition became more and more likely to
fail towards the end of the decade as industrialization grew, so did
people’s knowledge and general management and as immigrants flocked so
came their need and knowledge of alcohol. When people found a way
around the law prohibition came very unlikely to succeed particularly
in the urban areas where most immigrants lived and industrialization
had more influence. There is evidence in the sources to suggest the
decline in everyday commoners abiding by the law and the increase in
crime caused by the rebellion against prohibition.

The evidence to suggest that the failure of prohibition was inevitable
comes from many different factors. One of the most important and most
significant factors contributing towards the evidence of prohibition’s
failure was the inefficiency of law enforcement. Right from the
beginning of the introduction of prohibition the law enforcement of it
was never that harsh. Straight away there were speakeasies but the
police shouldn’t have let them flourish in numbers. Where often
evasion, corruption and organized crime were closely linked,
bootleggers found it easier to smuggle in drink as the years went on.
Before the law there had been 15,000 saloons in New York whereas after
there were 32,000, as backed up by source B; “by 1928 there were more
than 30,000”. From bootlegging, illegal drinking and commoners alike
openly violating laws, came more crime and corruption. Without
prohibition there may not be a bootlegging industry at all. Gang
warfare in places like Chicago and New York impressed itself on the US
mentality, and serious crime rate almost doubled to what it was before
the prohibition period. Crime rate...

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