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Sources Of Workplace Stress And Stress Management Techniques

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Work occupies nearly a third of the time we spend awake each week. Being such a significant portion of our life, the feelings, emotions, and stress we get from work can bring a significant standing on how we feel throughout the remainder of the week. This paper will discuss the sources of workplace stress, such as (a) lack of control, (b) interpersonal conflicts, and (c) work-family conflicts. It will also review stress management techniques, such as (a) work and job design, (b) cognitive restructuring, and (c) relaxation and biofeedback techniques.One of the sources of workplace stress is an actual or perceived lack of control. Having an employer in control of your actions, your schedule, and so on can leave people feeling like they have no control in what they do every day. The concept of control in the workplace is also referred to as autonomy, which is the amount of control that employees have over what, how and when they perform their required tasks (Landy & Conte, 2007).Another source of occupational stress is through interpersonal conflict. Interpersonal conflict can be defined as negative interactions with others at work, including co-workers, supervisors, or clients. There are a variety of reasons why interpersonal conflicts occur. Some can arise because of personality differences, feelings of partiality or preference being shown by a supervisor, or because of scarcities of office resources. Interpersonal conflicts can be a major distraction to workers, adding to their stress levels as their productivity or quality of work decreases (Landy & Conte, 2007).A third source of workplace stress is because of a work-family conflict. The responsibilities that someone has at work may sometimes be at odds with schedules or commitments in that person's personal or family life. Studies have shown that work-family conflicts are on the rise as the families shift away from traditional models. More women are entering the workforce than before and thus families are being subjected to a greater presence of work in their lives, and work also receives a greater presence of family issues (Boles, Johnston & Hair, 1997). Because women continue to have greater responsibilities at home, one might expect that work-family conflicts would be higher in women than in men. However, studies have found that work-family related stress seems to be equal towards both men and women, and women may actually handle the stress better than their male counterparts (Landy & Conte, 2007).Among the methods available for occupational stress management, one option is...

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