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South Korea Politics Essay

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South Korea has a republic form with the division of powers in the three -room Executive , Legislative and Judicial . Institute Executive South Korea led by the President as head of state and the Prime Minister as leader of government . However , the President has greater authority in state decision-making , domestic and foreign relations . The President has served during the past 5 years . South Korean elections use a system of popular vote and the last held in December 2012 by President Park Geun Hye as the winner .

In room Legislature , South Korea has the Unicameral National Assembly or Gukhoe selected once every 4 years and last held on 11 April 2012 . Assembly has 299 seats and is ...view middle of the document...

Under General Douglas MacArthur , the UN Security Forces entered the war on 15 September 1950 and succeeded in repelling North Korea to enter the territory of the North . China then come into the war by sending aid to North Korean forces to cease fire agreement signed by North and South Korea on July 27, 1953 . Assistance U.S. in this war make the relationship U.S. and South Korea Mutual Defense Treaty developed in 1953 which explains that the U.S. will assist South Korea in the face of any foreign aggression .

For more than two decades , North and South Korea are not related at all to the reunification and reconciliation efforts began in 1971 . South Korean President Kim Dae - Jung in 2007 had issued a policy Sunshine Policy in order to improve relations with North Korea Dae - Jung deliver been one of the Nobel Peace Prize . Relations have improved since the economic relationship , but again deteriorated after North Korea shelled Yeonpyeong Island in 2010 and shot and killed two South Korean tourists in the project with North and South Korea , the Kaesong Industrial Complex .

Economic effort is an attempt of reconciliation between North and South Korea was successful even though their relationship again deteriorated . South Korea itself become the second largest trading partner after China's North Korea . South Korea alone has the economic dynamics of the rise and fall before becoming one of the top economies in the world today . At first since 1940 to 1945 , Korea 's economy is very dependent on Japan as a colonial government . South Korea's economic situation continues with a rhythm that is not so good after the outbreak of war with North...

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