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South Korean Women And Plastic Surgery

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South Korea (referred as Korea in the rest of writing) is often recognized as the country, where especially women are insane about perception of beauty and this recognition is often elaborated with the prominent number of plastic surgery compared with other countries. According to subjectivism and symbolic violence, Korea women are insane for beauty and even take plastic surgery because they think beauty is what normal women should possess and ugly women is uncompetitive or failure in the society. Subjectivism is sense of self and way of seeing self and others. Symbolic violence means the violence which is exercised upon a social agent with his or her complicity. (Bourdieu 1992: 167). So to ...view middle of the document...

Therefore, this scene elaborated the fact that there is no need to take plastic surgery or wearing luxurious bag since everyone is beautiful enough to be "Miss Korea". During this selected scene, Lee hyo-ri often wears black but fancy clothes and other actors wearing clothes that imply their occupation (doctors wearing white doctor gown and family members wear the common style of clothe that normal Koreans wear inside the house). Lee hyo-ri wear distinctive clothes to illustrate she is different from any other and she is the protagonist of this music video or in real life. Also, for the scene to illustrate plastic surgery, Lee hyo-ri wears sunglass and bandage to symbolize the plastic surgery as people often wear sunglass to disguise scar due to plastic surgery and bandage to prepare for the surgery. Furthermore, the scene is changing rapidly to show all kinds of elements used to assert the claim through out tiling effect ( different scene is shown together as a tile when moving from one scene to other scene).

Although this music video was successful in convincing people that focusing on the beauty is not important issue in whole life and there is...

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