Southeast Asia Prehistoric Settlers: James Cook

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Southeast Asia prehistoric settlers arrived on Australia 40,000 years before the Europeans began claiming territories in the 17 century. A British explorer name James Cook has claimed Australia’s east coast in name of Great Britain. In 1829 all of Australia was claimed as British territory. The natural resources where used to develop manufacturing and agricultural industries to contribute to the British effort in WWI and WWII. Australia has become competitive internationally in the market economy due to the economic reforms. This helped the country achieve a sustainable society. Australia is known to be one of the fastest growing regions of the world economy. An environmental issue is a big concern in Australia because it’s known to be the driest continent on earth which makes it defenseless to climate changes. Severe droughts, cyclones and forest fires have been occurring recently in Australia. Also aging of the population and pressure on infrastructure is becoming a problem in Australia. Ten percent of the world’s biodiversity is in Australia, and most exist nowhere else in the world. Most of their populations are along the eastern coasts.

Is it a High (Complex) culture or Low (Simple) culture
Australia is a low culture. This mean Australian's has become diverse and treat one another equal. Australia is similar to Canada in many ways. They are a country that is growing and being open to different cultures, and not discriminating against each other. Low culture countries tend to seek out information on something before they invest or trust someone.

Demographic Profile
As of 2013 there is an estimate of 22.3 million population in Australia. 92% of the population are white, 7% Asian, and aboriginal and other is 1% of the total population. Most of the population are grouped in ages of 25-54, this consists of 42% of the total population. Ages 0-14 years consists of 18.1%, 15-24 is 13.4%, 55-64 is 11.8%, and 65 years and over is 14.7% of Australia's population. Throughout these age groups, the difference between male and female are small, almost equal with male's going a little over than females in most age groups. The total of dependency ratio in Australia is 50.2%, which is half of the population. The median age of the population is 38 years, which can indicate most Australians are working and young. Per year the growth of the population is estimated to increase by 1.11%, which is a median compared to other countries. Per 1,000 population there is an estimate of 12 births, 7 deaths, and 6 migrate to Australia. 89% of the population lives in major cities and this is increasing per year with a rate of 1.2%, the other 11% are rural. Some of the major cities containing a lot of Australia's population are Sydney (4.4 million), Melbourne (3.9 million), Brisbane (2 million), Perth (1.6 million), Canberra (399,000). Mothers are an estimated age of 30 for their first born, and the fertility rate per woman is 1.77. Every 100,000 births in Australia...

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