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Southern Yellow Pine Essay

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Southern yellow pine has been popular for a long time and remains the preferred choice for building professionals. One can use southern yellow pine for building projects that are big and small. This wood is known for our nation’s most used and sustainably harvested wood resource. Southern yellow pine is a reliable product for any task such as building a deck or framing a house. It is one of the most useful kinds of wood considering it is a preferred choice from professional builders to do-it-yourselfers. This wood has many amazing benefits and is one of the most popular choices for outdoor decking. Southern yellow pine is the ideal choice of wood due to its strength & durability, broad availability, and cost efficient pricing.
Strength and durability are key factors when using southern yellow pine to build. Southern yellow pine is a pressure treated wood which makes it durable and resistant against rot and insects. This is helpful when it comes to building a deck because its guaranteed to last longer and not have as many problems. This wood is proven too last at least 15 years when treated correctly and can last even longer if treated with water repellent every two years. Brady Bult, who is a professional builder, says “Southern Yellow Pine has the highest density of all commonly used structural lumber species, providing superior fastener-holding power and load-bearing capacity”(Cite). Brady says this to explain the strength of the wood and that it can hold more weight than other kinds of wood. There is also a chemical for southern yellow pine called ACQ preserve. This is preserved without arsenate and protects against termites, decay, and fungi which protects the deck and also strengthens it too last longer. Southern yellow pine proved to be the best wood to build a deck with when it came to strength and durability and was highly recommended (cite).
Broad availability is another vital element in deck building using southern yellow pine. It is eco-friendly and does not release any toxic gases or fumes into the atmosphere. Southern yellow pine is completely clean and chemical free. One can also support the local businesses when using southern yellow pine. Most local wood companies sell this lumber and buying this product from them not only makes for a great deck but also helps the local community. This wood is organic which also makes for an eco-friendly material. “Forests are the lifeblood of our planet and the southern yellow pine are as organic as it gets”.(Cite) Southern yellow pine is also plentiful so no one has too worry about the depletion of this tree. It is also proven that nothing compares to the fast growing southern yellow pine which is sustainably harvested and manufactured all over the U.S. No other wood maintains the health of our environment like southern yellow pine and that sticks out to most individuals. As one can...

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