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Southwest Airlines Positions Itself As A Different Class Of Airline By Having The Most Generous Frequent Flyer Program Of All Major Carriers.

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Southwest Airlines is the nation's leading, and largest, low fare airlines. Southwest Airlines positions itself as a different class of airline by having the most generous frequent flyer program of all major carriers. Southwest Airlines marketing campaign emphasizes the company's role in keeping fare prices down and its quality of service. This strategy is already being imitated by other airlines, such as Continental, United and Delta, which have been forced to bring their prices down for fear of having their market share grabbed by Southwest. The campaign also stresses the high level of service quality offered by the airline's employees, which explains the attractive rankings of Southwest in on-time service, baggage handling and customer satisfaction surveys."Not just low costs but low fares. Every seat. Every flight. Every day. Of course, we could choose to charge high fares like our competitors. But we choose not to -- our philosophy is Low Fares. Customers know we are "the" low-fare carrier. And that brand serves us well in today's difficult environment when, as our Chairman put it, "We are all low-fare carriers." ( Airlines respects it's customers and believes that the more options or freedom to choose you offer your customers the happier they are, in effect they maintains an open-seating policy, customers may sit in any open or unclaimed seat.Operating from Love Field in Dallas, Southwest adopted love as the theme of its early ad campaigns, serving love potions (drinks) and love bites (peanuts). ( Southwest used the word "love" as a promotional tool in the company's first advertising campaigns...

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