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Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Essay

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After the engaged combat experiences of both the battle of Molino del Ray and Chapultepec, of which ended both in significant triumphs ascribed to America; Ulysses S. Grant spent time in meaningful reflection assessing the experiences in which he ascertained from these two distinct conflicts and his holistic Mexican War experiences. Grant’s concluding learned experiences were that these two war conflicts should have never been engaged by American forces and could have been championed utilizing an alternative battle strategy in which the Mexican soldiers would be outflanked an approach of which would have forced them to relinquish their military positions ending in a more peaceful American victory. The ultimate learning outcome that Grant obtained from these overall experiences is that there is an imperative lesson gained from quality reflective study (Kaltman, 1998). This ability to function as a reflective practitioner is what allowed Ulysses S. Grant to serve successfully within leadership opportunities such as the United States Army and later as the President of the United States of America. It is when the individual learns the discipline of reflecting and even more applies this practice of reflection towards one’s own life that they truly begin to mature and develop both personally and professionally.
This proposal is designed to address the need for professional development of which can be utilized in assisting teachers within our institution mature and grow educationally for the purposes of becoming better instructors for the purposes of education our students academically and assisting them to succeed within their academic goals and objectives. The proposed plan of action of which can ultimately assist bot our faculty and students to satisfy this plan is to teach our faculty to utilize the practice of reflection.
The Purpose
The purpose of all professional development, pertaining to the educator, is to assist educators to develop and apply knowledgeable skills and strategies of which are imperative in assisting students within their voyage of learning and educational success. In order to accomplish this task there must be a clear modus operandi of which is initiated first be examining the educational needs of the student/learner and the identifying the teacher knowledge and skills required to address those learning needs. In conducting this task of professional development, within the realm of reflection, the proposed outcome is to improve the functional professional practice of the educator of which addressed the long-term goal focused on the improved development of the student/learner equipping them for ministerial success when they graduate from our institution.
Reflective Practice
Reflective practice is the ongoing personal discipline in which an individual conducts an in-depth assessment, distinctly giving an honest, deep and critical evaluation of themselves both inwardly and outwardly, for the purposes of...

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