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Soy Gmo Ban Essay

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“Progress imposes not only new possibilities for the future but new restrictions” (Norbert Wiener), as society struggles to keep up with today's’ evolving world it begins to lose its sense of humanity. Earning money has become the key point of every large business in todays economy, yet they ignore the affects its products have on American health. In the United States today most processed foods contain Genetically Modified Crops, roughly ninety percent of American soy products are genetically modified with little restrictions. (Brassard,Susan) Despite the benefits genetically modified crops may give of a sustainable food source the health related effects it has on its consumers are ...view middle of the document...

The Food and Drug Administration claim that under its safety and labeling standards Genetically modified crops are harmless for consumption.(Maryanski, James)

Despite these beliefs, “In reality, the general consensus of international organizations is that world hunger is not caused by inadequacies of production, but rather distribution and access.” (Om Organics) Genetically modified crops provide an easier method to farming in mass production yet how far will the company go to make money. Carrying an antibiotic resistance gene and a stress tolerance trait Modified Crops increase production and lower the production expenses. (Bassard,Susan) However, what are the risks for humans and the environment with mass production and unknown health effects.The purpose for the creation of Genetically Modified Crops is a solution to end world hunger yet eighteen years later world hunger is still present in the world today. The concept of ending world hunger is a great achievement yet is a cover up for large agricultural businesses, the only interest for these large companies are power.

Genetically modified crops are fairly new to America and pose a health risk due to the fact that the long term risks are still unknown to researchers. During studies some indirect side effects that have occurred among animal subjects are autoimmune disease, infertility, infant mortality, gastrointestinal problems, chronic diseases, as well as newly developed allergies against modified crops such as soy, corn, and rice.(Brassard,Susan) In these studies symptoms have occurred believed to be linked with the fact the crops are mutated and our bodies cannot ingest it well. When creating these crops scientists manipulate antibiotic resistant genes and other useful...

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