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The Mechanics of Space

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Aeronautics has allowed mankind to understand the concept and surrounding of the universe. From ancient times, there have been discoveries made by Egyptians, Incas and many others who have used different tools to discover consolations and planet, which often symbolized gods. Trips were not made into space until the twentieth century, but as soon as they started, there was an explosion of discoveries. First man observed the moon through space stations, and then soon afterwards landed. Then it was Mars, but man is yet to land on the surface. NASA is known as one of the fathers of space. The organization has developed shuttles, space stations and many other apparatuses. NASA continues to provide research data and plans of upcoming missions. Though lots of calculations can be made for missions to be complete, humans are still unable to explore the wonders beyond the Milky Way Galaxy.

The Mechanics of Space

Galaxies, black holes, stars, and planets all relate to one another. These enormous elements belong to what man has come to call space. Space discoveries are made everyday. Whether they’re large or small, it is still newly discovered knowledge for mankind. Mechanics, more specifically Astronautical Engineering has made discoveries more valid and lets scientists calculate specific quantities of data acquired. Aeronautics has allowed the human race to get to where it is today and further use of knowledge in this field allows future discoveries to be made.
Space has always boggled the mind of many scientists for thousands of years. Many different instruments have been used to observe the skies above us and the natural phenomena’s that occur on rare occasions. Different tools have been used to calculate and analyze numerous aspects of space, and in conjunction with these tools numerous calculations and equations have been developed to support these different apparatuses.
The Egyptians used triangles for calculations; the Inca’s used the mirrors to become more familiar with the gods or the sky.
The past years gave different civilizations a way to communicate with different gods; using the stars as a way to communicate. However, as the years went by and we entered the 20th century, space exploration had become the main focus and analyzing different data from numerous planets such as Mars and the Moon.
     NASA is one of the first...

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