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Space is a fascinating subject. Many scientists have even explored space through satellites as well as spaceships. Space exploration should continue for as long as possible.
Space exploration should continue due to having the most important reason of all: understanding Earth and its neighbors to sustain safety. By studying, Earth neighbors and surroundings, we can predict when events occur to help us survive. To further explain, the article, "Why Explore Space", asserts "Without knowledge, these dangers have the ability to ham us" (Source 1, Paragraph 3). If scientists continue learning and exploring the wonders of space, we would be able to learn about the possible dangers to our planet, Earth. To know that there are so many things out and about space can be frightening, but with scientists studying space through exploration, they will be able to help lessen the fear of the people. Though observing our universe can help us predict possible dangers, predictions can always be off due to one simple mistake. To illustrate, the article, "Why Explore Space", claims "The chance of a large asteroid or comet hitting the Earth is small. But given time, it will happen" (Source 1, Paragraph 3). Whether or not we study space and its wonders, what happens, will happen. No matter how much time we spend on solutions to lessen the impact, it's course will hit the Earth no matter the solution. Further studying space can help us survive. As an example, the article, "Why Explore Space", states "The dangers exist and knowledge of space can allow us as a species to survive" (Source 1, Paragraph 3). Knowing more about Earth and the objects in space can help us learn a great amount of possible disasters. With this knowledge, scientists from all over the world may get together to discuss possible ways to survive such disasters. Understanding Earth and its surroundings would greatly benefit us as it can help us survive disasters and help lessen the effects from an impact caused by mother-nature's wonder, space.
The next big reason to continue space exploration would be being able to learn more such as the dangers of space and Earth. With the help of technology these days, studying space will be easier, but this will help us with many other science related things. As an example, the article, "Space Exploration has given us new viewpoints", claims, "Space science has advanced knowledge in other scientific fields, such as physics" (Source 2, Paragraph 6). Knowing more about space science can help us even with physics. If it can help us with physics, then it can help with many other things like construction building. Construction planning requires the right materials, and science plays a part in this because physics and gravity are involved, so if you don't know science, you can't construct anything. However, some people think that studying space is dangerous. Additionally illustrating, the article, "The Dangers of Space Travel", explains,...

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