Space Exploration. Is Space Exploration Worth It? How Mars Can Help People If It Was Terraformed.

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Space ExplorationThe limitless region of outer space lies before us, awaiting discovery and exploration, but there is concern about the cost of space exploration. Although it does cost a lot of money, the long-term advantages of space exploration and colonization can be quite effective and helpful. If we continue to use fossil fuels and minerals at the rate we're going we won't have much left for the future. Also, the population of the Earth is growing and overpopulating quickly. With further space exploration we may be able to find a way to terraform Mars or the moon. This would allow us to form another civilization that possibly has more minerals to serve the people living on it and on Earth. It would also decrease the population of Earth. The long-term advantages of this would be greater than the cost of space exploration.We always knew Mars as our "Sister Planet" because of the many similarities it has with Earth. It has all the necessary elements to support life: frozen water at the ice caps; carbon and oxygen in the form of carbon dioxide; nitrogen. The similarity in which Earth existed billions of years ago and Mars presently is amazing. When the Earth was first formed, no oxygen existed on our planet and it, too, looked like a desolate, unlivable planet. The atmosphere was made entirely of carbon dioxide and nitrogen. It wasn't until photosynthetic bacteria developed on Earth that enough oxygen was produced to allow for the development of...

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1797 words - 7 pages , I believe something more useful for all of society should be found or done. Though I do find it interesting to know the temperatures of Venus and Mercury, and that Neptune has more moons than once thought, I do not see how it is going to help us here on Earth. The most interesting fact that I found in my research was that frogs can throw up, though they rarely do it on Earth. First they throw up the stomach, so it dangles from the its mouth

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1398 words - 6 pages control so that diabetics can live at ease. It was derived from the mechanical robot arm on the first Mars Voyagers probe. When preparing to send satellites off to space they use a medical alloy called, nitinol, to spring the satellite out of the rocket once it gets into space. How do we use nitinol in our everyday world? We use it as a wire for braces, every orthodontist uses this special medical alloy to help move and shape teeth

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2891 words - 12 pages ... But one can reasonably argue that, in the depths of a recession and severe budget problems, space exploration should not be a top priority.” (The Dailey Sentinel, 2010) Many people think that this money that is put into the space program could be used to help the economy, since it is doing so poorly at the moment. In cutting the budget on the space program, the money saved could be put towards what is needed to make the economy better. Cutting the

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664 words - 3 pages getting bigger, your children may be in danger because nature is going to destroy the earth itself if we fail to take advantage of all the opportunities that there is to offer, such as our own solar system. Many people do not appreciate space exploration, although it led to many desirable discoveries and inventions. Why do you feel that it is necessary to take the tiny portion of the budget that is vital, and throw it into the endless pit of

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2991 words - 12 pages and secret dealings that go on behind the scenes. In reality, the probing of space has just as much to do with politics as with mankind’s actual zest for knowledge. From promoting national status through international competition, to dealing with internal and organizational issues, to improving public relations, the policy of space exploration is modeled after the politics of the day. First restricted to military purposes, space travel was an

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1248 words - 5 pages completely, even though it is thought to be too much of an expense to the federal government’s national budget and human lives. The outer reaches of space is the most unknown and thought provoking topic in the universe. Who has not thought of living on other planets, or even aliens for that matter? If people were not interested, then there never would have been movies, T.V. shows, or books made about space exploration. Space allows younger children and

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