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Space Suits Essay

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Throughout the many space discoveries, science has played a major role for its findings; without doubt, science has also contributed for the creation of the Apollo 11 mission space suits which successfully allowed astronauts to fly and moon walk on the moon for the first time in history. This lunar suit was created to handle extreme temperatures, radiation, and provide oxygen and water to the astronauts while they were conducting extra vehicular activities and ‘during unpressurized spacecraft operations.’
Initially, NASA made its first spacesuits for mission Mercury out of neoprene, rubber, cloth and aluminum-all of which only provided a backup in case of a spacecraft pressure ...view middle of the document...

Also nylon fabrics’ efficient water absorption allowed diaper like undergarments for the astronauts to urinate in. Furthermore, the gloves were custom molded with silicon rubber fingertips for sensitivity feeling and provide extra protection whilst astronauts were gathering moon samples as the element silicon itself doesn’t react to water, gas and other acids. In addition, the Apollo program created pressurized lunar boots, made from Teflon coated glass fiber cloth of CF2 compound chains, with resistance to chemicals, alkali metals, melting point of 342 F and non-adhesion properties for moon walking. The life support system was also created with nylon, aluminum, Teflon, and other materials which provided oxygen, water and cooling operations. Last but not the least, gold elements proved essential as its properties stated it reflected the sunlight most efficiently compared to other elements and thus was used for the visor of the helmets to protect the astronauts’ eyes from the sun’s radiation. Many textiles and materials were used for the Apollo space suit, most of which had high heat resistance and provided comfort, as well as protection like the beta silica fiber which didn’t irritate the wearer’s skin.
Through the research put forth in finding heat resistant materials, the design had not only benefited the Apollo 11 mission but also inspired creations of many aiding day to day utensils present today. Nylons’ fabric solved the issue of non-flammable material for the spacesuits and the much needed joint motions, so that astronauts could comfortably move on the moon during the EVA’s. The 21 layers of nylon, Teflon, Dacron and Kapton materials in the suit had overcome the safety and social issue which destroyed Apollo 1’s mission, now being much more protected from the varied temperatures and avoid of combustible materials. The discovery of this fabric profited the world economically as nylon began being manufactured and processed into products like electrical connectors, fluid reservoirs, army materials-bulletproof and water absorbent wear, sportswear and carpentry due to its physical and chemical properties. Using this type of fabric also had environmental benefits as this material was easily accessible, inexpensive and available, in such a way that compared to extracting minerals and elements like gold wasn’t a necessity anymore. This effective material provided the crucial heat resistance, mobility due to its durability...

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