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The Pros And Cons Of Space Tourism´S Expansion

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With the space program growing the space industry is seeing a greater demand in the market for space tourism. With these demands to venture out to space there are companies that are venturing out to make it an opportunity for humans to explore out to the stars. The world is now seeing companies making it their mission to do orbital, suborbital flights and even live in space. The space industry’s business and economics on the development of new space vehicles for future space tourism is a concern for these companies. With these orbital and suborbital flights for space tourism there are some legal ramifications that companies have to also deal with. Most companies that are planning to venture out to space they have to think of how to operate within guidelines of laws that constraint the project, mostly concerning with environmental and U.S. laws concerning flying in accordance to the FAA(Federal Aviation Administration). In the space tourism market has emerged to become one of the most promising space business markets that is forecasted and presented to be the economic growth and the potential of the industry of space tourism to become a billion dollar market within the decade. If these program prove to be successful they will advance human’s into a brighter future with technology.

With the space program’s successes in space after the landing on the moon, much of the public saw space tourism was in the close future. As the shuttle program expanded in the early 1980s, NASA began a Space Flight Participant program to allow citizens without scientific or governmental roles to fly. In July 1985 NASA chose Christa McAuliffe as the first teacher and non-trained astronaut in space from 11,400 applicants. However, McAuliffe was killed during the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster in January 1986. Unfortunately do to the disaster the programs for space tourism to the public were canceled. During the perceived recent stagnation of NASA activity, there have been several successful efforts by private manned spacecraft to penetrate the Earth’s atmosphere. A few citizens and celebrities have even ventured out into space. However, will be a long time before space tourism is both profitable for suppliers and affordable for middle class society.

At the beginning of the millennium we started to see private companies beginning to look for potential space tourist. The reason for this was to off set their cost to their maintenance. Within the contexts of "orbital spaceflight" is to mostly used to differentiate from sub-orbital spaceflights, which are flights where the greatest distance from the Earth (apogee) of a spacecraft reaches space but altitude at the closest approach (perigee) is too low. Space X and their Dragon spacecraft is a current project. Also, Boeing is making their CST-100. Excalibur Almaz, a private company based in the Isle of Man, plans to use modernized TKS space capsules to carry paying research crews into low Earth orbit and beyond. In...

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