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Space Trash Essay

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Space trash is any discarded object in space that is harmful to every living being on earth. Since the nineteen-fifties we have been launching items into space. With our hopes and dreams in hand we hoped for the best but that is not what happened at all. There are millions upon millions upon millions of space junk in space. Now there is no possible way to get rid of all the debris, but with the cooperation of all nations we can help to stop the spread of this debris once and for all. Space leaders are in danger of all the harmful objects we have put into space. Space trash comes in many different forms which cause danger to current and future explorations in space.
Space junk, also known as orbital debris, comes in many different sizes, shapes and forms. It is separated in to two main parts – natural and artificial debris (Space 1). The natural debris is meteoroid and comet debris that was left behind (Space 1). Natural debris only revolves around the sun, so it is not heard or talked about on earth (Space 1). The artificial debris, known as man-made, sizes in from one centimeter to a whole rocket! The smallest kind which is smaller than a penny has over 100 trillion pieces floating around in space, such as flecks of paint (Dunbar 1). The next kind which is bigger than a penny but smaller than a softball has over 100,000 pieces, such as nuts and bolts (Dunbar 1). The biggest kind which is bigger than a softball has over 13,000 pieces, such as satellite pieces and entire satellites left in space (Dunbar 1). Most of the items in space were not put there but were created through explosions that created thousands of other pieces of debris. Most of the debris which is satellites has come from Russia (Plumber 1).
There are many dangers presented with these types of orbital debris in space. In space, the main problem is with the current satellites that are working. They can go off track or collide with one another at any given time (Kovalenko 2). Many satellites can be hit by flying debris and can be spun off course (Kovalenko 3). Also the International Space Station (ISS) has gone off track to avoid these satellites and also flying pieces of debris (Kovalenko 1). Space will eventually be cluttered with debris (Fuller 3). Individual pieces of orbital debris can move different ways. Some pieces can fall back to earth harming all objects around it or can stay in space and harm all of space in its path (Redd 3). There has fortunately been no report of debris falling down from space and causing significant property damage or injuries (Redd 3). Once a day a piece of orbital debris falls back to earth (Dunbar 1). It can impact life any moment in time also. If a satellite is hit or collides with another satellite it can drop television signals and radio signals (Kovalenko 2). They can also drop music signals and GPS signals as well as TV and radio signals (Kovalenko 2). They can be not responsive for a long time and may not be...

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