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Spaces Affected By Colonialism. A Study On Chinua Achebe’s No Longer At Ease

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“What fundamentally is colonization? To agree on what it is not: neither evangelization, nor a philanthropic enterprise, nor a desire to push back the frontiers of ignorance, disease, and tyranny, nor a project undertaken for the greater glory of God, nor an attempt to extend the rule of law”
– Aime Cesaire, Discourse on Colonialism.
The effects of coloniazation was Far reaching. Though the generation under the tyranny of the colonizer sufferd a lot under their physical rule the next generations are yet suffering under their subjugation mentally. Coloniaztion was not a philanthropic enterprice, it was some thing which didn’t carry any human value, it decivilized the colonizer,to be brutal and awakend in him the buried instincts. The major spaces where the colonialism affected was, culture , the notion of Nation and Identity of individuals.In order to understand these concepts deeper, we should first of all understand the relationship between these three factore, how they contribute to each other in the formation of the excat meaning of theor words.
Identity is something which is construted based on the the relationship between the Self and The Other. So the formation of Identity of a self always needs an Other. So if the Other has to be present there must be a community of men and women who can have this relationship between each other. This Community could be termed as a Nation or even as Benedict Andersons says “imagined communities”. The survival of the nation is largely depended upon the social customs the cultural beliefs, histories which help the notion about the Nation come into reality. Thus Culture is which binds men and women to form communities and these communities help each other to build their self or Identity , or more clearly helps them to answer the question “ Who am I”.
Colonialism, through their ideology of assimilation tried to disfigure the formation of the identity of the men and women by branding the customs and beliefs of the colonized to be barbarous and uncivilized. Thus they were able to disturb the idea of Nation for a long time, and through this they created a new generation of men and women who were confused about their own Identity. They were unable to answer the question “Who am I”. This dilemma of the native and the thirst to “reclaim the past” stated by Frantz Fanon could be seen in the magnum opus of Chinua Achebe’s No Longer at Ease. This paper largely deals with the implication of culture and the notion of nation in the creation of Identity and the Identity crisis which takes place as these elements are disturbed and which is aggravated in heart of the colonized when they are “half baked” in the western educational system.
The author was so prophetic in creating a protagonist who showed the real conflict of his self when he was really affected in his culture and the concept of nation. The western education which he was fortunate to receive because of the mercy of his kins men turned against the one who...

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