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The latest innovation in the field of space exploration is the design of a new antimatter spaceship engine. This technology offers the best solution toward curbing the large volumes of fuel found in spaceship engines and radioactive health threats, which the nuclear-powered engine would pose. This revolutionary spacecraft engine will use antimatter as fuel and will only need just a few milligrams of positrons to power the rocket to Mars (Genuth 1). Unlike antiprotons, positrons do not emit any radioactive waves, are less costly, and generate massive thrust. According to this new research, positrons may be the best types of spaceship engine fuels in future (Genuth 3). The innovation is currently being worked on and may be ready for launch by 2030.
Another new technology in the design of spaceship engines is the Synergistic hybrid air-breathing spaceship engine. This design is being researched by the UK based Reactions Engines Limited. This engine will enable an airliner dubbed Skylon to fly at a hypersonic speed into the earth’s orbit straight from a runway and even soar anywhere in the globe just within four hours (Cha 2). The new technology incorporates ultra-light heat exchangers in the engine to cool very hot airstreams within a hundredth of a second. Although it may take a few years to complete it, a prototype of the engine has been tested and proven viable for future space exploration (Reaction Engines Ltd. 3).
Following the successful landing on the moon, scientists have always desired to visit another planet in the solar system, especially Mars. One of the current space propulsion technologies in NASA is the development of a revolutionary Mars bound space engine. However, designing a successful spacecraft to Mars is being faced with many hurdles. Firstly, a mission to Mars will need a huge investment of finance to design a practical and cost-effective propulsion system. For instance, conventional chemical space engines like the Saturn V, which the Apollo team relied on is not...

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