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General Information

The capital of Spain is Madrid, but many visitors may believe it is Barcelona because it is a major popular city. Roman Catholicism is the major religion.

Language / Body Language

The cultural grammar in Spain has origins from a medieval style of Spanish known as, “Castilian”. Different forms of European Spanish are used depending on what area of Spain you are in. In the northern and central parts of Spain you will experience more people using the dialect. Most of the people will usually stand closer that other countries would when talking. If you need to talk to someone in English you may have better luck speaking to someone under the age of 30.

When introduced yourself, expect to shake hands and don’t be alarmed if a man uses a two-handed shake where the left hand is placed on the right forearm of the other person. If there are two female friends kiss each other on the left and then right cheeks. Whenever a man is greeting a woman it is common to either hand shake or exchange 2 kisses. Any more than 2 kisses would be considered too many and one is too familiar. Most Spaniards would rather communicate face-to-face than anything else.

Life in Spain

The cost of living in Spain isn’t very expensive because housing and hotels are reasonably priced. The Spanish people value owning a home very highly and have the highest rate of homeowners in Europe. When permanently relocating to Spain it would be a good idea to invest in buying a house. If visiting on a business trip you may find it much more accommodating to research some of the nice and reasonably priced hotels. It is also a good idea to plan on staying long enough to get familiar with new business contacts.

The universalism approach to lunch or dinner times are a bit different from many countries in Europe and around the world. Lunch starts at around 1 to 3 pm and dinner is typically around 10 pm. People in Spain rarely go to sleep before the early hours in the morning so expect to see more activities occurring during the night.


Although the climate in Spain is mainly temperate there is some diversity with the Cantabrian Mountains acting as a climatic divide separating Spain into two zones; dry to the south and rainy to the north. The rainy zone in the Basque country, Cantabria, Asturias and Galicias has a temperate climate with slight variations during the year. The winters are not particularly cold whilst the summers are cool. The terrain in this part of Spain is verdant and lush due to the frequent fall of rain.

The subculture in the south of Spain has dry temperatures that vary from very hot summers in the inland to soaring 35 degree centigrade, to very cold in the winter. The Mediterranean coast experiences much warmer weather than the coastline bordering the Atlantic and has a warm dry climate with temperatures reaching about 20/25 degrees in the summer and cool to warm winters. If visiting Spain it would...

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