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Both Spain and England have rich histories of famous individuals, food, and culture.There is one common thing these two great nations share at one point in time they both ran their governments under the system of Absolutism. Absolutism is “the political belief that one ruler should hold all the power within the boundaries of a country”. Absolutism can be categorized as a good or bad system of government. The question is posed “ How is the effect of absolutism in spain Different from England?”.
In Spain, the system of government used before absolutism was a monarchy (rule by a king or queen). As far as how absolutism looked in spain “in the beginning when Europe was Blossoming and as it grew from out of the middle ages, so did the power of the monarchs”. Also, the middle class supported monarchs, because they were promised a peaceful, supportive climate for business. Which sounded pretty good to them because that was their source of income and the what they lived off.The 17th century became a period of upheaval ( a violent or sudden change or disruption to something ) in europe at this time. Next the government built large armies to levy even heavier taxes on a already suffering population. This brought widespread unrest, some peasants even revolted. Monarchs tried to impose order by increasing their own power, basically trying to take absolute power.
Furthermore, the personality traits of the ruler(s). Philip II ( one of Spain's more renowned rulers) was a shy, and quiet kind of ruler. But he was also a forceful ruler who did not trust anyone for long periods of time. he ruled with an iron fist fought for what what was his and if that meant tearing down his loyal subjects to get there he was okay with it. Even when lost his Dutch possessions he was still a forceful ruler he tried to have all the control of everything that occurred in his empire. The impact that absolutism had on Spain was huge. There were never ending warfare, taxes were raised, the people were huge supporters of this increase. the Monarchs began to monitor even the littlest gathering that happened while under their rule. Basically taking any right that the people had to their personal lives.
On the other hand, in England the system of government use before absolutism was a monarchy ( will by a king or queen). Absolutism in England was perceived as very unstable there were the highs and the lows,...

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